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Therefore, if you complete three chest exercises on Monday -- such as the bench press, dumbbell flyes and push-ups -- plan to do bent over rows, rear deltoid flyes and pullovers on Tuesday for a back workout. Alternately, do a total upper-body workout that includes an equal number of moves for the chest and back. A full upper-body workout includes chest and back exercises. Cobra pose and a doorway stretch are two ways to loosen up your pecs after a workout. Read More: Stretches for Chest Tightness Enhances Function Strong pecs contribute to your overall upper body strength.

They improve your ability to push things -- whether that's a heavy barbell, a couch or Wome stalled car. Pecs, along with your shoulders, are also intrinsic in throwing and swinging actions. Strong pecs can help you in your weekly softball Wmoen, a weekend Womeh game or when you hit the golf course with work buddies. Strong pecs help you win a friendly arm-wrestling match or lift a small child into your arms. Win a match with strong pecs. They look strong and confident, and may catch the eye of the opposite sex.

A study published in Plos One in actually found that women's and men's perception of the ideal male body, designed using 3D computer modeling, includes a muscled, wide chest circumference that creates an overall V-shaped torso. Work on your chest to improve your looks. As mentioned before, upper-body strength can improve posture and lift the breasts.

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