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In general terms, with this work we pursue a constructivist approach to exploring the nexus between machine language at the nerve cell level and behavior. Levan is a fructose homopolysaccharide which gained attention recently for its unusual combination of properties distinguishing it from other natural biodegradable polysaccharides like chitosan, cellulose or starch. Among the strongest bioadhesives, film-forming levan is garnering interest for its role in some simple solutions to difficult problems. One of these is illustrated by the elegant research using laser-based techniques to construct levan films for healing wounds and burned tissue.

Another is the development of bioresorbable electronic implants. Levan has been found in habitats as diverse as salterns and thermal waters to tropical plants and sugar factories. This review of the low viscosity, levan adhesive describes the mechanisms by which it forms bonds and the reasons behind some of its practical and industrial applications. Here we present descriptions from the literature for feasible approaches ready to transition from the laboratory to those searching for answers in fields as varied as medicine, packaging and furniture assembly. This paper provides an update on the neural control of bipedal walking in relation to bioinspired models and robots.

It is argued that most current models or robots are based on the construct of a symmetrical central pattern generator CPG. However, new evidence suggests that CPG functioning is basically asymmetrical with its flexor half linked more tightly to the rhythm generator. The stability of bipedal gait, which is an important problem for robots and biological systems, is also addressed. While it is not possible to determine how biological biped systems guarantee stability, robot solutions can be useful to propose new hypotheses for biology. In the second part of this review, the focus is on gait perturbations, which is an important topic in robotics in view of the frequent falls of robots when faced with perturbations.

From the human physiology it is known that the initial reaction often consists of a brief interruption followed by an adequate response. For instance, the successful recovery from a trip is achieved using some basic reactions termed elevating and lowering strategiesthat depend on the phase of the step cycle of the trip occurrence. Reactions to stepping unexpectedly in a hole depend on comparing expected and real feedback. Implementation of these ideas in models and robotics starts to emerge, with the most advanced robots being able to learn how to fall safely and how to deal with complicated disturbances such as provided by walking on a split-belt.

Being one of the commonest deformation modes for soft matter, shell buckling is the primary reason for the growth and nastic movement of many plants, as well as the formation of complex natural morphology. On-demand regulation of buckling-induced deformation associated with wrinkling, ruffling, folding, creasing and delaminating has profound implications for diverse scopes, which can be seen in its broad applications in microfabrication, 4D printing, actuator and drug delivery. This paper reviews the recent remarkable developments in the shell buckling of soft matter to explain the most representative natural morphogenesis from the perspectives of theoretical analysis in continuum mechanics, finite element analysis, and experimental validations.

Imitation of buckling-induced shape transformation and its applications are also discussed for the innovations of sophisticated materials and devices dzting future. Inspired by recent studies about the fluid dynamics of cephalopods in their escaping swimming mode, we propose a novel design WWelcome an underwater propulsion system using a ti body with pressure chamber, which propels itself in burst-coast cycles through a combined effect of pulsed jet and added-mass related thrust. To investigate the performance of this system we create a free-swimming computational model—the body deformation is prescribed yet the forward motion is driven by hydrodynamic forces.

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