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Gavin then sell down the data and tricks Ally to make, but she leaves no. Oscillator 2 premiered on Stage 7, and fs for Season 2 intraday in designed February.

The series finale reveals it to be "Edgar". Zaliens 8 is mentioned in this episode. Trish qnd Dez for the first time. Austin asks Ally on their first date. They go to a restaurant called "Illusions Magic Cafe". Trish and Dez win a Contest for Zaliens 8 tickets for the premiere.

The episode was shot on September 14, This will be oc first episode to include bloopers at the end. This is the second episode where Trish and Dez dress up as Zaliens. Austin seemed more romantic to his girlfriend, Ally, than his other ones. The cafe they go to may be based off of the song Illusionwhat with the name and levitating chairs. Another movie from the popular Zaliens franchise is mentioned in this episode.

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A popular Zaliens concept, brain-sucking, is seen in this episode. Austin and Ally remain as friends and partners austinn their breakup take a break. Ally is shown to have gone through character aoly she was willingly playing clarinet golf, whereas in the 1st season, she would have gotten mad at Austin for playing with the instruments. This episode received 3. This episode is the fifth part of the "Auslly Arc". When Dez wears the Zalien costume, you can see the muten logo that used in Dragonball. Laura Marano as Ally Dawsona singer-songwriter with extreme stage fright which she developed after watching a girl who played a wonderful piano solo being rejected for an esteem music academy.

She wrote the first hit song that Austin performed, "Double Take", on her piano, and ever since then she has been his songwriter. She works at her parents' music store Sonic Boom. She and Austin have become good friends, and they label their relationship as being "partners". She overcomes her stage fright in "Chapters and Choices". It is shown that she is a very talented singer and can play the piano but is terrible at dancing. Her jobs change frequently due to her lack of effort and presence at work. Even though her jobs change very often, she takes her job as being Austin's manager very seriously.

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Calum Worthy as Dez Wadean aspiring director with a weird style of clothes and noticeable lack of intelligence who films everything he can. He films all of Austin's music videos and is Austin's best friend. He often pulls a variety of items from his backpack, ranging from a toaster to ten types of jelly, a basket of pickles and even an ice sculpture. It is revealed in "Backups and Breakups" that he loves romance movies. Recurring cast Cole Sand as Nelson, an awkward young boy who takes music lessons from Ally. He is known for saying "Aw, narts!

He has a crush on Megan Simms. Andy Milder as Lester, Ally's father. In the next scene, Ally is seen walking into the convention, along with Austin, Trish and Dez, and Ally is dressed up as Princess Starna, and gets attention from boys, making her like it. When Trish and Dez later come into Sonic Boom, after the convention, they convince Austin and Ally that they are real zaliens, but Austin and Ally don't believe them until they see Zip suck Ziltch's brain. They then have to perform for them to save their lives! After the performance, since the zaliens loved their performance, they decide to take Austin and Ally to their planet instead of a prince egg.

It's later revealed that it was all in Dez's dream, and then Ally is seen at the convention with Austin, Dez and Trish. Ally is later seen on a date with Gavin and says how everyone has a date accept her. Gavin then invites Ally to see his family, but she says no. Ally is later seen at the beach club with Trish, Piper and Carrie and they're all talking about prom. Austin then sings to Piper and asks her to prom and she says yes, making Ally jealous, hinting that she still has feelings for Austin. Gavin then comes down the stairs and asks Ally to prom, but she says no. Ally is then seen in the practice room, and Trish asks her what happened, and said she said no because she wonders if she's with the right guy, making Trish wonder if Ally will break up with Gavin, but she said she doesn't know, but knows that she'd rather stay home than go to prom with the right guy.

On prom night, Ally is seen in sonic boom with everyone and that they wanted to see Ally before prom, and Austin says it's weird going without her. When Dez insulted Ally, Austin held Ally's hand and said she looks great and always looks great, making Ally blush. Piper then becomes suspicious of their relationship, but Trish said they broke up, making things clearer for Piper. When everyone leaves for prom, Ally is left with a hurt expression on her face. Austin is then seen at prom with Piper, but keeps mentioning Ally making Piper even more suspicious about their relationship, and asks Austin if he still has feelings for Ally, but he denies it saying he's really happy being with Piper.

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