Ten rules of dating

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That was his version of the perfect Friday night. Sitting on my couch and eating ice cream is all I wanted to do too! I swear I was watching him Teh like ten minutes ago-! He was sure one day it was going to catch up to him. Jimin nodded his head and started to walk out the door, smiling to himself about how he was finally getting Jin to do something besides be a dad. And I think because I love you almost too much, the people that assigned me to you knew that there was no room for someone else to help me out.

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Like a business plan or playing a game to win, you have to follow the rules precisely. Jin laughed to himself and picked Jungkook up to set him down next to him on the couch. Maybe he really did need to loosen up a bit. Because Jin knows what it takes to make a relationship successful. It was too late to make a believable sounding excuse so he told himself he would just go to this boring event for an hour and then leave. The truth was, his sister died giving birth to Jungkook.

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