Symantec live update not updating virus definitions

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How to update content and definitions on the clients

In corruption all clients in Symamtec investment can act as a GUP. Before That strategy is permanently administrative, HI policies should be followed to low key Antivirus Signature File age criteria. Depending on the Symantec resultant you use, you may make to uninstall and reinstall the Symantec Endpoint Enough software, too.

Symantec is aware of this issue and is currently investigating it.

Definitions Symantec not updating virus live update

This document will be updated as soon as more information becomes available. The next certified definitions to be published will have a revision number greater than Rev includes all of the latest definition updates through January 7, Relative definition age can be determined by the revision number. While this issue is being resolved SEP definitions are being built outside of the normal build process. To ensure we retain the quality of the definitions during this period the SEP definitions are only being built once a day. Definition builds for all other products remain the same. SEP Customer Workarounds: Client machines will continue to receive the latest protection available without any intervention from the user.

Please be aware of the following exceptions: Until This issue is permanently resolved, HI policies should be modified to relax minimum Antivirus Signature File age requirements.

Configure manages to change content from Symantec LiveUpdate Yin: Below is an acronym from the Symantec Antivirus knowledgebase, throne:.

Configure clients to download content from Symantec LiveUpdate Note: Livs client LiveUpdate may lvie an increase in network traffic as each client connects to the internet to download virus definitions. To correct the definition date showing definigions SEP These definitions are properly dated as definitions. Once updatr client has downloaded January definitions from LiveUpdate, the client should updatig configured to download content from LiveUpdate until your servers have been patched with a fix for this issue. While in the field we have seen clients use GUPs in different ways, the purpose of the GUPs was to reduce bandwidth requirements.

This is the same whether you have ten clients over the remote WAN link or two hundred. For sites with a very small number of clients, it is unlikely that a GUP would be needed. Depending on how you publish definitions within your environment, something else to consider is the difference between cheap and expensive bandwidth. While some bandwidth could be recovered by putting a GUP on each subnet, the management of a large-scale GUP environment in a local LAN will likely take more time and effort than any nominal bandwidth savings. Can all clients be defined as a Group Update Provider?

Recently we had a customer ask if all systems could be GUPs. In theory all clients in an environment can act as a GUP. However, this is not saving any bandwidth.

What it is going to do is require Symzntec clients to reserve more hard drive space because they will all save separate definitions to be available to any possible peers. This is a scenario where some people could believe that the environment would act in a full peer-to-peer fashion. Depending on the mixture of operating systems within your environment, this is important to know. If you are trying to schedule updates to occur only at certain time periods through the day, this can only be achieved by using a LiveUpdate server.

At this time GUPs do not offer this functionality. If you have an environment where you have a separate LiveUpdate in your environment, the GUPs will not request definitions from this system. Depending on how clients are chosen to be GUPs, the antivirus team will need to be aware of any system decommissions. A few months later it was discovered that these systems have been decommissioned and replaced.

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