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How does it work? Partner A, you're up. Advertisement You can answer each fantasy with four options: Or maybe tl just looking to get some ideas for spicing things up. These 15 questions are about you, so answer honestly Go to permalink Ever wondered what freaky or non-freaky stuff your partner is into, but are too afraid to ask?

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No registration required No registration is required, simply click the "Get started" button to begin. Patrner partner can use same or any other computer. After you start the questionnaire, sith the "Add question" link at the top. Your score needs to be no more than points away from Partner A's to prove that you're really soul mates between the sheets. Add question Experiment with your partner! The whole thing is set up quite nicely: That way, if only one of you is interested and the other says no, you don't have to give up your secret fantasy to get a brown shower from your partner.

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