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Women Entrepreneurship of Rangphr International Journal of Business and Economics Research. April 19, ; Accepted: April 28, ; Published: May 13, Abstract: Sri Lanka: Prehistoric sites: Pomparippu burial site Link Brisbane batsman Alex Ross.

The top end was designed in the fund of a memory. Bogra-Dinajpur, Paharpur Pension Heritage Sightseeing Recover scenic drive to Dinajpur km, 4 hrsEn-route burn the ethnic heritage site Sompura vihara- the distant largest monasteries biweekly of Himalayas.

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Click here NOW, registration is completely free! Service Level Agreement This gateway or entrance was built in at ni end of 17th century. A story has been circulated among the local people that rwngpur was a musical Instrument around this feature which was being used for different purposes. This instrument was used for inviting people too. Now, one of the doorways of Nahabatkhana is used by public, and another one is preserved with less care. This archaic building is located near the main town. One can go there using rickshaw easily. On your return im the National assembly building, the most distinctive building in Asia and the wonderful architectural accomplishment of famous architect Luis I Kahn of USA.

Upon arrival Bogra visit Mahasthangarh-considered the oldest city of Bangladesh dates back to at least 3 rd century BC. Visit citadel, Govido vita, and museum and surroundings archaeological site. Bogra-Dinajpur, Paharpur World Heritage Sightseeing Morning scenic drive to Dinajpur km, 4 hrsEn-route visit the world heritage site Sompura vihara- the single largest monasteries south of Himalayas. Visit the surroundings archaeological site along with museum. Afterwards drive to Dinajpur and on arrival visit the Dinajpur Raj bari, Durga temple, Krishna temple, village market.

August 27, ; Accepted Date: September 19, ; Published Date: September 29, Abstract: The baseline surveillance on rabies in Sylhet was evaluated for the first time and in Rangpur division was checked for the second time in Bangladesh from June to January This survey highlighted education is a key of awareness about rabies and the level of educated people found higher in Sylhet Still the practice of traditional healer use comparatively higher in Rangpur than Sylhet, and which is 8. Majority of them know about the fatality of rabies and believed that rabies could be prevented by vaccination program. Given these findings, there is a clear need for specific educational initiatives involving the local population and the public health entities, with the primary aim of contributing to the prevention of rabies.

Rabies is an acute form of viral encephalomyelitis, which is almost invariably fatal, and affects mammals on all continents except Antarctica Jackson, Transmission occurs through the inoculation of the virus, typically through bites, scratches or contact between skin lesions and the saliva of an infected animal Kotait et al. Dog Sex meeting in rangpur the main reservoir of rabies virus Kasempimolporn et al. All animal species may also be infected and serologic evidence of infection in bats has also been documented in Cambodia Reynes et al. It is a common and lethal infectious disease for developing countries. It is responsible for more than 55 thousand cases of human rabies worldwide every year, mostly in Asia and Africa Rupprecht et al.

World Health Organization estimates that between 30, and 70, people die worldwide of rabies each year Knobel et al. In the United States, approximately 40, people receive post exposure treatment annually while there has been an average of three fatal cases of human rabies per year since Messenger et al. Most of these deaths occur in developing countries because of inadequate control of rabies in domesticated animals, and about 30, death results in India alone Sehgal et al. It is estimated rabies kill every year — people in Bangladesh which is worldwide third in rank after India and China in human aspects Hossain et al.

Rabies is not limited to human, in a passive surveillance in domestic animal populations reported, rabies deaths Cattle: The mortality rate in both animals and humans may be several folds higher than reported since rabies is not a notifiable disease in Bangladesh. Limited data available in Bangladesh about rabies although few works have been done recently Tenzin et al. In Bangladesh, domestic dogs act as the main source of rabies for both domestic animals and humans. As the application of post exposure rabies vaccine is globally known but still in Bangladesh people refuse to receive the vaccine properly and they used to on incomplete doses of rabies vaccine which consequences fatality.

To get the knowledge and attitude of people in Sylhet and Rangpur division towards rabies this baseline survey has been documented which in terms will create opportunity for the precedents researchers and find a path to prevent this fatal viral disease. Materials and Method: Study period and area: A cross sectional study was carried out from June to January in selected areas of Sylhet and Rangpur divisions which are kilometers and kilometers away from the capital Dhaka, respectively by conducting face-to-face interviews using structured questionnaire. Study population: What are the top 3 most popular online dating apps.

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