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Consequently, it appears that the Schistosoma found in the Srepok river yahoi indeed S. The Srepok river originates in Vietnam and flows westwards into Cambodia. However, more recent ex suggested an origin for both proto-S. At least five species of Neotricula Davis, are known from Hunan but only one from Laos and none from Yunnan; therefore it is more likely that Neotricula and an antecedent of S. Palaeogeographical evidence appears to favour the Vietnam-Cambodia dispersal hypothesis. Much of the Annam mountain chain which today forms a barrier between Hunan and northern Laos and Vietnam is Mesozoic and at 1. The Pliocene Yangtze is also reported to have flowed along a common course with the Red river [72].

The present data yielded an estimated date for the radiation of S. The Srepok river population LMP in southern Cambodia is seen as a sister taxon to the other Xe Daging and lower Mekong river populations in Figure 2 and may have been early divergent. A phylogenetically basal Srepok river population would be in agreement with the idea of an S. The only known foci of transmission are on the border with Cambodia, around Khong Island at the southern tip of Laos. In contrast, a South to North dispersal together with the Pleistocene i.

The ancestral definitive hosts of Asian Schistosoma were probably rodents [20]. The divergence time of 2.

The mean date estimates obtained here agree well with palaeogeographical data and datibg based on snail phylogenies. For example, the radiation of S. Consequently, all known extant S. The divergence of the S. Consequently, the date estimates obtained here are useful priors upon which further studies based on independent data may be undertaken. Conclusions The work has demonstrated that transmission at all of the known foci of human schistosomiasis in the lower Mekong Basin involves S. The phylogeny and divergence dates estimated, although not conclusive, correlate well with the idea of a Vietnam to Cambodia entry of S. The study also demonstrates the transmission of S. Such observations and inferences have certain public health implications.

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