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8 Advancements in Business Card Quality

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One of the most fundamental things about your business card is its size. Most are a standard size, but if you are getting custom business cards printed, you can make them larger or smaller than the standard size.

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datingg Consider your target market and what is convenient for them. Rating your company sells business-to-business, your clients want to be able to store your card with others, so an unusual size would be an annoyance to them. If your onlnie is older people, a larger card with larger print will be easier to read for aging eyes. Do you want people to keep your card in their wallet? If so, your business cards must fit into standard wallets. The paper stock you choose for your custom business cards might not be the first thing people notice, but it subtly communicates a lot about your business.

Using quality paper stock says you care about details and providing excellence. A cheap paper stock can suggest to people that your company will cut corners to save money. The Rounded Business Card: Looking for a more modern look to your business cards? If so then rounded business cards are it.

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When it comes to first impressions, Prinntwise details can make a big difference. Rounded corner business cards have a unique feel that sets them apart from other cards. When you need a card that will stick in the minds of new customers, this type of card will datign it done. Raised print UV pops off your card, giving the text an irresistible touch. It's a polished look people want to feel, and a card they don't want to put down. Metallic Finish Business Cards: Shimmering foil is a beautiful way to make your design memorable. In every color imaginable, the irresistible quality of the metallic finish makes your card a keeper. Adding a raised, glossy coating to select graphic elements and text areas is an easy way to give your card a creative, artistic vibe for maximum impact and memorability.

Folded Business Cards: When you need a unique business card that's a little different than anything else, the folded business card takes the cake. The folded card gives you twice the space for logos, contact information, company message or tag line, website address, etc.

It allows you to customize your text and logo inside and out. You can also have full-color printing on matte or glossy stock folde business cards. When looking for variety in a business card this one does just that. Business cards have been around for centuries, although originally they weren't used specifically for business purposes.

The earliest form of business cards date back to the 15th century, and were known as "visiting cards" to announce one's presence when visiting another wealthy person. Although the "visiting" card almost died out, the idea remained and eventually evolved into our modern business cards that we use today. No longer used to announce oneself when visiting, these cards convey who we are and how we want to be represented professionally. Although most cards are the standard 3" x 2. And, with the constant flood of advertising that we are faced with today, companies are competing to find ways to make their cards stand out—even to the point of pushing the boundaries of what business cards have typically represented.

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