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Aaron Tveit On "Watch What Happens Live" Tonight

When [laughs]. I mission like, through that, I got to do a lot more of myself than I fairly do.

You know? Fancy that!

aaronn A lot of golf? A lot of golf. I actually just played this morning. I work out; I play basketball, softball, video games; I read; I hang out with Meering friends. Ricky Gervais. Even more ridiculous! My first day I was ever on a movie set was [Ghost Town]! And literally for 45 minutes—while we were waiting to shoot and then trying to shoot—he was having people do wheelchair races down the hallway. In his hometown, there is a street known as Aaron Tveit Yveit which was dedicated to him on the 31st day of August Rumors have run rife about the love life of the handsome artist but according to our findings, most of the rumors are all lies, nothing but gossip and wild speculations.

While on the Wendy Williams show inthe famed actor alluded to the fact that he does have a woman in his life but prefers to keep tight lips about his personal life and affairs. Even though Aaron Tveit has declined to talk about his love life, several sources are busy throwing up stuff from his past. Was it fun to loosen that up a bit? It was. The song order ended up staying the same but on a night-to-night basis, the reactions from the audience were different at different times. It was kind of like being at an improv class, so I just tried, in my banter, to stay open to whatever I was receiving from the audience. It really was a very different and very fun experience for me to feel that interaction with the audience.

A lot of other Broadway artists have released solo albums -- is that part of your plan?

I don't know. This could ultimately lead to that, which has been in the back Meetiing my mind as a possibility but waron nothing I've actively Meeeting about doing because, Meeting aaron tveit dating a wonderful way, I've been too busy. To really delve into that, with azron music, takes as much energy as I've been putting into other things because it would have Meting be great. I'm open to it, the timing just hasn't been right yet. That's why I'm ultimately glad they're making a live album out of the 54 Below show because it kills one bird with two stones. They are? Yes, they're making a live album! It's funny because the CD was available for pre-order on Amazon at the end of April, before I'd done any shows yet.

It was so cool that people wanted it without even knowing what would be on it. That will be out in early September, so we recorded every night, I'll listen to all the songs and create one album of the best moments. This is a movie that seems like it was so much fun to make and that you guys had a lot of fun with each other? We had a great time. The cast was all great and we all got along really well. We really just had a blast. It was really cool.

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How did this come about for you? I had a Skype session with Ben and we talked. I read the script, which I loved. I thought it was really interesting. And then, I loved all the sequences that lifted out of reality. I thought they were really, really interesting, the way they were construction. And when we had a Skype session, we really hit it off and he asked me if I wanted to do it, so I jumped on board. There is a very conversational feel to many of these scenes. It does become difficult because I mean, listen, I'm sure I haven't been into other things that people I've dated have been into, but I understand and support that they're into it and will be happy with that.

A year and a half ago, you said you were single and looking for a very nice girl. Are you still single and looking for a very nice girl? Yeah, I'm still looking for a nice girl. I'm still single. It's hard with travel and work, and the last three years, the longest I've been home in New York is six or eight weeks. So, woe is me, boohoo, I'm not saying that, but it can be difficult at times. I feel like I'm at a place in my life where I have a clear idea of who I am. I think you need to do that before you're ready to meet someone. Everyone says it comes when you least expect it, so I'm just trying to honestly stay open and just receptive to people around me. What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

Meanness and coldness are what turns me off. Yeah, surprise, surprise. It's catty.

With this category, in Medting, we were really paying our way through it with how basic it was. We had to selling the best over.

And turn-ons are laughing, comedy. If we can banter and have fun, that's a lot of it for me. I need that kind of back and forth. What's the best advice you've been given about love and relationships? You can't go looking for it. Also, the relationships that I've had before, you question looking back and thinking about regrets, but parents and friends have said, "You're going to know when you know. A lot of my guy friends who are married, I ask them questions like, "What is it? I just knew. Like you said, it's that gut feeling. You live in New York. What's your perfect date night? It's simple. Dinner at a great restaurant somewhere.

If it's a nice night—it's like that thing where if the date goes well, you have that second place picked out already and can walk there. In New York, that would be a wine bar or a cool bar. That's my perfect date night:

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