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Pet is a points required. Are you only to ask her out. You can do it.

Are you free on Thursday? The indirect ask out is you facebook her later or something really weird like that. Are you going to ask her out? Do you like her? Do you not? So remember, be confident and direct. Last thing is congruence. Congruence Congruence is when you ACT out your thoughts.

Is there a interest. You see a more girl you want to talk to.

Almost every guy messes this up because this is where indirectness stems from. Mioligan see a pretty girl co,lege want to talk to. Ha ha ha. My name is XYZ. An indirect man will make up some excuse, some lame joke, or something stupid that he think lae witty. Aafter guys like a chick and talk to the chick. The follow-through of confidence and directness and that coollege take you to promise land. Forget physical attractiveness man. It matters but to an extent. But just like rich guys get chicks and jerks get chicks. Because when you act like a weirdo, when you act out of place, and wacky, people are going to be a lot more self-righteous about bringing you down a peg.

So sit your ass in the chair at the coffee shop all damn day and talk to the people that surround you. People will talk to you. Old guys will talk your ear off. Man I practice what I preach. Old guys will talk your ear off one dude started and told me like for two hours the the good days of real estate for him when he was mogul and somebody and how the stock market screwed him over. And that could be anybody. It can be a hot chick, it can be old people, can be a fat chick, it could be a regular Joe.

Meeting girls is a numbers game alright? It is the summation of a million little efforts. Talk to a bunch of chicks. Some are receptive, some are not, and then you gotta close the ones that are.

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I used to really study this stuff. I started the dating game at age 23 myself. So I was in the same boat as you. You can do it. You need to get rid of all these limiting beliefs. I spent all this time chatting with you because these are all limiting beliefs and I wanted to debunk these. Whenever you get bored of whatever you brought to do, ask the person nearest you what they are working on. This is one of the best ways to do it. My favorite by far. It is just the easiest way to meet women. Here is a link with more details on how to run coffee shop game. Dropping Hooks at Bars Night Game - Again, I'm not a fan of running up on girls or throwing myself into large groups of people to run game.

Instead I "drop hooks. Post up at the bar, or anywhere with some traffic. Say whats up to girls. One of the advantages I've had in my life is living near a University District with many types of Colleges, Tech Schools, Business, Nursing, Vo'ed trades schools clustered in one place. Many students come in here from some distances away so there is a lot of people to meet in this area. Those who leave UNI and go to jobs in areas where there is a much greater population of men than women will have more difficulty as each year goes by.

Girls have the same problems too. Is there a solution? Yes, and what I'd suggest is to take some simple post graduate courses that may be used to certify you in other related fields with close to the same curriculum requirements as your area of specialization, and try to date some. Younger girls at UNI are always interested in older Guys But you would have the advantage at this point if you choose to do this. Ask a New Question expand. Call him just to talk. For whatever reason, all of my college friends seem to laugh at the idea of online dating.

Sometimes I feel as if I'm back in high school. After being in college for four years surrounded by thousands of people my own age, I feel like there is no one my age around here! Online dating is a great solution for people like Megan who move back home after college and are struggling to find love. Explore different online dating sites and set up a profile. Whatever his baggage is, be prepared to handle surprises that you never had to deal with in college. As long as you go into it with a positive attitude and an open mind, you should be able to handle these little challenges.

Be patient and understanding if and when he exposes his baggage. Super awkward but I just had to. I just needed to introduce myself. You just want to know. There should be three versions of a reaction… Good, Neutral, And bad. Neutral and good are basically green lights. Bad is going to be really obvious. One of those kinds of things is going to come all right and at that point you need to make your intention. Now see what she does. That is weak, that is lame, so instead what you want to do at this point in the conversation is close man. Ask for the sale. But maybe you would be interested in hanging out with me sometime this week.

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