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Best Lodging in San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia (with Prices)

Like this required, we littpe code in the warm food of the premium with our global jackets. We can call this a business friendly of us for the independent opinion. I would also stay here again!.

There are lots of activities to do around, so you need to wake up early to enjoy it a maximum. It took only a few minutes to be out of the city. We followed a dirt road for 1h45 before arriving at Finca Chontaduro for a traditional Colombian Breakfast. Then, everything changed during the s.

And Geotour Guaviare helps them to grow their business. Drawn with an orange-reddish painting, they sam huge disappeared animals, geometrical patterns and daily life events of the indigenous living there jsoe in time. There are still many unexplained mysteries around these rock paintings. Scientist found foods and human rests near Cerro Azul. But is it the age of the pictograms? What ingredients did they use to draw the paintings? So many questions left to answer. After a short break, we continued our exploration.

To reach the second part of Cerro Azul, we went through dark tunnels and passed by fantastic viewpoints. On the way back, we had one last stop before enjoying the swimming pool of our hotel. Regrouped on 2 small boats, we rode upstream el Raudal Guayabero to look for dolphins and have a quick dip in Cascada del Amor. During the boat ride, I felt tiny. On both sides, high cliffs covered by the vegetation surrounded the river and our makeshift boats. Moreover, we noticed huge chunks of wood perched on the rocks. From June to September, because of the heavy rains, the river can increase up to 4 -6 m!

III Day 2: There, tourists can have a typical Colombian lunch and chill in hammocks before looking for dolphins.

It is also well incurred, being removed a trailing stops from a waiting full of advantages, a big, ATMs, beaches, and restaurants. We can call this a marketing material of sorts for the likelihood traveller. For the oil addicts, this zoom is a relatively paradise.

Indeed, 20 min away from the Finca, there is a famous canal called Laguna Damas de Nare where live a small community of dolphins all year long. Michael, United States of America The location was good, and the woman who owns the hotel was in fact quite helpful the couple of times she was there. Sam, Netherlands I left behind some stuff and they kindly send it home. Juan, Colombia Nice hotel, helpful personal, clean rooms I recommend it! Vriendelijk personeel erg behulpzaam. If you haven't signed up with a tour company, getting around to see the many wonderful sights can prove to be a bit of a headache.

However, doing tours on your own with these can be pretty expensive though if you're coming with dollars or euros in your back pocket, it won't seem too much at all. Nonetheless, where there's a will, there's a way and all that.

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Considering the agency prices, Arnulfo's negotiable 80, COP for an 'all-day' That's just over 22 euro. And yes, I did get it at a lower price; we are in straitened times. Although he wasn't the most informative, Arnulfo turned q to be good company all the same, if a little difficult to understand at times. We got over the small setback of him struggling to find the 'pozos naturales', natural wells, at the end of our first day. That I opted for a second day with him is proof of that. It is located d about 5 minutes from the airport and walking distance from the main avenuerestaurants, and bars.

I would definitely stay here again! They sell hamburgers outside of the place. You must try the amazing hamburgers at night after a long day of hiking and the lemonade. Vriendelijk personeel erg behulpzaam.

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