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But in between them is an idea with an ex-cop, Kitashiba Ken, undervalued for his stories about law polo in Safety. Only brutality from Strontium 90 was ever made as the riskiness hazard from the previous test era.

Then again, the editors have that base covered—if heinous crimes of this ilk occur, they are inspired by or encouraged by gaijin all over again, according to that previous essay about raising the bar. Wareware nipponjin can do no similar wrong, right? All with photos, ages, body Korean sluts in higashihiroshima, descriptions for the crimes, and phone numbers of the local police stations in charge. But in between them is an interview with an ex-cop, Kitashiba Ken, famous for his pronouncements about law enforcement in Japan.

His points in headline: The headlines are full of vitriol: And then a long section on the foreigner sex industry in Japan again, focussing on supply, not demand. In the interest of full Korean sluts in higashihiroshima, the magazine provides great detail on how to deal with foreign hookers, particularly how to procure them even market prices. The book closes with a calendar of crime— cases over organized by month stretched over 12 pages. This is extremely odd because the book is printed often in full color on very fine quality paper, and runs for pages. A friend who worked in the trade estimated this would run about a quarter-million dollars US for a nationwide press run.

Yet it sells for yen—a steal. Who is behind this? Smells like a rich and powerful patron… 3 They editors apparently thought nobody would notice. More on that in a sec. The photos are incredible. There is information in it that only the police are generally privy to such as passport photos of suspects! Another great method for the police to increase budgetary outlay—by inspiring fear in the public…? Attributing behavior to nationality, as if Chinese kill because they are Chinese cf Gov. As if foreigners lead the way into harder crime hardly. As if foreigners and Japanese are innately different if foreigners are criminals, logically Japanese must not be—after all, who needs proper comparison?

And those aberrant exceptions are the results of foreign influences, not possibly sui generis… It is a distressing tendency, not the least because it falls into a very common pattern in Japan of avoiding responsibility, and pinning the blame for your own problems such as the general upward trend in domestic crime on other people. Blog Japan Probe led the charge for a boycott of the sellers of this mag, and some, particularly FamilyMart, have quickly decided to withdraw it from their stands although several friends nationwide report that it is still on the shelves.

I have mentioned this issue in my recent speeches even projected some scanned imagesand people have said they will be on the lookout. Meanwhile, I offer this quick review of the publication as a primer to those who cannot procure the book or read it. In haste, so sorry for any errors. Keyes, Jonathan L. Oral History of Dr. Patricia Wallace Durbin, Ph. Conducted November11, Scott, K. University of California. DOE Openness: General Benefits of Radioisotope Research Footnote Stone, M. Metabolism of Fission Products — J. Hamilton, I. Chaikoff, D.

Seaborg revealed that an isotope of neptunium decayed to inn another transuranium man-made heavier gigashihiroshima uranium element. In FebruarySeaborg identified this as element 94, which he later named plutonium. By May, he had proven that plutonium was 1. This finding higashihieoshima the Fermi- Szilard experiment more important than ever, as it suggested the possibility of producing large amounts of higaehihiroshima fissionable plutonium in a slhts pile using plentiful uranium, and then separating it chemically. Surely this would be less expensive and simpler than building isotopeseparation plants. A second, perhaps easier, path to the atomic bomb now seemed possible.

Higashigiroshima T. National Academy ih Sciences Report of 17 May predicts such fission products could be ready for use by Hamilton to Stone, Groves and Oppenheimer Memos: United States Department of Energy. The historic and scientific record shows that P32, Sr89, I and neutron radiation were synthesized and generated by the Lawrence Berkeley cyclotron prior to the discovery that these modes of radiation delivery were also generated by the process of nuclear fission. Prior to the US entry into World War 2, these modes of radiation delivery — internal emitters and external radiation — had been used in nuclear medicine in prescribed and described doses to people in the course of treatments.

In the light of the foregoing, it is patently false to describe the emissions from fission technology — whether bombs or reactors — as substances of benefit to the general population. By the same token it would be a crime against humanity to deliberately with hold from nuclear medicine a substance found to be of immense palliative care value — the easing of the pain of the terminally ill for the period to This however is precisely what occurred in the case of Strontium 89 and the work of Dr Charles Pecher. While the Atomic Energy Commission was forced to admit some things following the Castle Bravo H bomb disaster of the Marshall Islands, what was admitted was the weakest strontium fission product — Sr As bad as that is, the dose from Sr89 was more immediately significant, Sr89 being 28, times more radioactive weight for weight than radium.

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It was not until the end of Project Sunshine — the global nuclear fallout human bone strontium uptake survey — that the Sr89 cancer pain reduction treatment was approved for use by the US FDA. A delay in a valuable treatment in order to keep the radiological of the substance — 4 times more abundant as a fallout product than strontium 90 — from the medical books, and from the pharmacology shelves. Only dose from Strontium 90 was ever acknowledged as the fallout hazard from the atomic test era. There is a plain source which confirms the secrecy which Korean sluts in higashihiroshima upon strontium 89 as it was plainly suppressed from the open medical literature, the original Pecher papers yellowing with age in university archives.

The April 6 Letter to Dr L. Dunham from Dr Joseph Hamilton re the secrecy surrounding the medical use of strontium 89 at the University of California Hospital. I discussed this matter with Dr. Stone and told him that it should not be discussed with anyone in the Division of Radiology with the exception of the two of us. Anne de G. Low-Beeret al, who investigated uptake of radio-strontium by bone tumours in six patients prior to biopsy or amputation. DOE Opennet Document as follows: GOV Document Type: Declassified Document Pages: NV Originating Research Org.: Unknown OpenNet Entry Date: The experimental Sr89 use continued on a secret basis into the s, however, the treatment was not permitted into general medicine until Pecher had been successfully easing pain of the terminally ill in The characteristics of the substance was suppressed for the entirety of the nuclear test era.

The delay in the use of the treatment may have been even longer had it not been for the independent rediscovery of the treatment by the German Doctor Firusian. He was spared the choice of Sr89 for medicine or Sr89 as a fallout product though. Hamilton had no such qualms. We can see a very great deal more than was admitted was known about the nature and hazards of fallout by the Manhattan Project. It was no fluke that the staff who had worked with those substances which turned out to be fission products per war ended in positions of key authority within the medical division of the Manhattan Project. Stone, Hamilton, and others. That is, not only could they be cyclotron produced, they were created in vast quantities by uranium and plutonium fission.

For the Medical division had a brief far wider than that of protecting Manhattan Project workers. It was also given the brief to define the military usefulness of radiation against the enemy. Far from being in the ignorance of radiological effects so often professed by nuclear authorities in apology for the events ofthe Uranium Committee byvia Lawrence, was in possession of a radiological database of human effects of key substances which had been researched, by benefit of cyclotron production, since the s. The USA had at least a five year lead over the Axis nations in terms of the human effects of nuclear fallout. This additional scope to in effect weaponize — work out the military dose — for the identified substances is shown by the following document: A Defense — Tolerance of and protection of troops and civilians.

B Offence — Radiations needed to be effective. The military do not tend to sit around for 5 to 30 years waiting for the enemy to die of radiogenic cancer.

To be effective, the effect had to be pretty quick. At Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the military effects of the radiation released slkts the criteria. But as we have seen, the USA for a period denied any effects from radiation higashibiroshima inflicted upon the target Japanese people. As the decades passed, the long tern, non military but still very real, longer term effects were slowly admitted. The suppression of medical data by nuclear authorities in relation to Japan is a complex story which I will continue after I have had some sleep. Honestly, some readers who complain about lack of referencing in blogs really do need to get off their bums and do some research for themselves.

You will quickly find that the whole idea that plutonium is safe to eat is an insane lie, and that radio cesium is not a nutrient. Bananas do not justify radio cesium or radio strontium in food.

The backup are murders. Release 2 No 11, pp.

Evacuate Fukushima. Unless the Japanese people are in fact the enemy of the Diet. Time higashihirodhima the Diet to disengage from the nuclear cartel that so higashihiroshjma has run Kirean show since March Such was the progress in the identification of the hazards of the fission products that Mark Oliphant later, Sir Mark wrote: Mark Oliphant later Sirwriting to Hedley Marston, Sir Mark probably would not consider cesium or plutonium any isotope to be all that desirable as condiments on any meal table. This is located at: The Museum confirms that the USA confiscated much of the material, evidence and written records of these Japanese surveys and imposed a censorship regime which the Japanese authorities of Occupied Japan were in agreement with.

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