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Exclusive: OWN Series Star Kent Faulcon Is On His Way To ‘Selma’ To Play Dr. Sullivan Jackson

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People will be really struck by the subtlety of the show. Does Tyler Perry himself live up to all the hype?

Dating Kent faulcon

Datinf truly is a force of nature. I really appreciate the challenge of that. I dig it. On TBS, Friday nights at 10pm. The numbers came back [when we premiered] through the roof. Everyone was really excited…If this show can provide some kind of example…we are doing something above and beyond entertain. Do you have any other projects coming up? This is primary. She was just outstanding then.

I distinctly remember visiting my grandmother and daging Saturday night lineup was Love Boat, Fantasy Island. I remember being on the soundstage, having a cheesy moment being on the promenade deck set. It was just fahlcon of like my own circle of life moment. I spent almost two weeks on that film and shot a lot of stuff. I take a sense of pride being part of a memorable moment in that movie. I look back fondly on that. The series is based around three couples and follows the ups-and-downs of marriage and dating. He was really trying to use some heavy situations along with his comedic sensibilities and see how he could weave those elements together.

Dwting ran and we subtracted right before Putting. While there were very moments, it was still a lot about the price and how we do one another and how we either have a good partner or not long them.

I thought it was very bold on faulon part in terms of trying something. This is very, very different. I admire his bravery in trying to do something artistically different. Even as I look at his film development. After I got the job, I started watching his films and thought of them in succession.

So to see him try to take that same sort of growth and spirit towards a television property, I had great admiration for him. I admire that spirit of trying to continually improve. That ran and we wrapped right before Christmas. Particularly working on Shakespeare.

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