Is my ein number still validating

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Ive recommended of options that imposed around the same time already getting its. Properties about 10 minutes to get someone.

So mad right now!! Im in the same position as you are!!! I been at the 1 bar for many days! People who filed after me, have already got their refund! Just says that it is still being processed and a date will be available soon. I called the IRS and they said that I had to verify my identity and had to call another number and verify some information and was put on hold about 3 times. Then said it had been verified and it would take 9 weeks for me to get my refund. She said it would still be deposited in my bank account at that time. She said it might not take 9 weeks but no less than 2 weeks.

I wish I would have known sooner so I could have called and had it sent quicker. Im only getting 4k back…Should I be concerned? Ive heard of folks that filed around the same date already getting theirs. I was thinking I would already have at least a DDD. I am so anxious. The number ext: Takes about 10 minutes to get someone. Looks like I had to verify my identity for no real reason. I was transferred to number and was put on hold for 30 minutes. I asked how I could check my statues and was told to check WMR but to give it a few days.

Has anyone on here already received a refund after having to verify? This happened on a Thursday but to our surprise his refund was in the mail box that following Wednesday. Not a bad turn around considering their time frame. I should have followed his lead but i figured whats the use they said that they have cleared up my identity.

Yet my check came 6 weeks later. It may or may not make a difference in your situation but its worth a try. In my case my Valieating was stolen last year so valirating might have something to do with it, not sure. I just know from this site and others that many are having to verify and they also did not get any verification. I just suggest those of you who are waiting for the bar to move from accepted to approved and filed around my time Jan 25th to be proactive if you are heeding the refund. Thank God!! WMR never moved from approved either.

Validating ein number Is my still

So just be patient guys, IRS has really changed a lot with processing refunds this year. Wish you all the best!! God bless! I just got off the phone with the IRS to find out if I possibly had to verify my ID, this is what they told me, If your refund was accepted than everything is okay, its just taking longer on account of a delay due to verification, have patience, you will get it. I was also told very clearly that if for any reason you are still at received but believe you should have gotten it by now than most likely there is a problem with them being able to identify you due to a breach that took place in early January and your data was compromised, which means you will have to verify your ID for them to release your funds.

You can do this by calling I know how frustrating this is for all of you, as I am still waiting as well. This is the first time I was able to get some clear info on what is actually happening, while I feel better knowing that mine has been accepted, I feel horrible for all of those still stuck at received on account of what that means. But for those of you at received I suggest you call the number above to verify your identity immediately rather than waiting for the IRS to notify you because who knows how long that would take. IRS systems only allow 35 characters on the street address line. If your address does not fit in 35 characters, please make sure you provide the most essential address information i.

Provide legal and trade name information about your business. When prompted by the online EIN application, you need to provide the name of the entity, the trade name if anythe county and state where the entity is located, the state where the articles of organization or formation are filed, and the entity start date.

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Again, the online EIN application allows only two special punctuation characters: The name you provide as eim legal name of your business entity stull match the articles of organization or articles valkdating formation. Optionally, you can provide a trade name, if any. The county and state will automatically be filled in by the computer based on the physical address previously entered. However, you should verify that both of these bits of information are correct. When prompted, identify the state where the articles of organization or articles of formation were filed. Finally, again when prompted, you will need to provide the entity start date.

This is the date on which the entity began doing business or will begin doing business. Use the pull-down menu to select a month and year.

Indicate whether the business is subject to special federal excise taxes. Read the questions and answer them. State what your business does.

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