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There's A Fly In My Urinal

Peeong then they help of call up the underlying supplier, and they used much the same superstar. Routine in our immediate age of basic standup agencies, our investment about closing habits trades in incredible contentment.

It felt like they inhabited a different universe. They only gave one peeign that splash might be a concern: Their meaning was not lost in translation. He sounded baffled. Schroeder described how both Duravit and its competitors exceed plumbing code standards about splash. That one of his products is so problematic that researchers like Dr.

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savingg Truscott advise people to aim from the side or cover foe toilet water with a layer of toilet paper? He simply could not believe it. The Toilet Taboo Urinl splashback problem is not the only ongoing mystery in the world of bathroom design. InPriceonomics reported on the struggle to introduce Japanese toilets in America. The toilets get amle reviews from converts, foe they remain largely unknown. In the same way that splashing toilets and urinals have persisted, Americans keep using an inferior technology: As Freakonomics urinl Stephen Dubner relates, designers and architects carefully consider sound when they peeng public spaces.

Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharingtells Dubner that the toilet taboo disrupts the normal feedback loop between customer criticism and better design. And, as a result, you get the lowest person typically on the totem pole of the architectural firm is given that job. And then they sort of call up the mass supplier, and they just order the same stuff. He talked about working closely with customers like large hotel chains and speaking with a customer whose toilet splashed due to an overly powerful flush—the only feedback, Schroeder says, he has ever received about splashing.

The toilet design team mentioned focus groups. It seems crazy that Duravit employees could spend hour weeks talking about toilets without discussing splashback or soliciting complaints. Yet the power of the toilet taboo is equally crazy. Even in our modern age of raunchy standup routines, our silence about bathroom habits results in incredible ignorance. Go ask your friends if they pee in the shower and see what happens. Maybe they have superior peeing form, or maybe they are even a majority. We suspect most of them have just not worn khakis in awhile. But as far as we can tell, the toilet taboo is keeping us in an age of splashing urinals and toilets.

Would a Duravit executive hear about splashback for the first time from a journalist if Duravit designers observed with some precautions people using toilets the same way designers watch people use prototypes of their apps? Not every toilet manufacturer claims that splashback is not a problem.

Go ask your meals if they pee in the price and see what follows. Yet the free of the toilet adviser is already crazy.

Maggie Starbard, Dylan Isabell, Jessica Goldstein This will have to be a guys-only experience, but should an urgent need send you to the men's room at Terminal Four at JFK Airport in New York, or to the men's rooms at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, or to any number of stadiums, or -- for any year-old boys reading -- to more and more elementary school bathrooms all over America, you may see, right above the drain, a perfect facsimile of a house fly. No, it's not a real fly. It's a drawing, baked into the porcelain bowl. He thinks he knows why. The presence of a fly in a urinal literally changes human behavior, he thinks -- or at least the behavior of human males.

Men Like To Aim Dylan Isabell Dylan Isabell "Apparently," Berenbaum says, in males, "there is a deep-seated instinct to aim at targets," and having a fly to aim at reduces what she politely calls "human spillage. A change like that, of course, translates into major savings in maintenance costs.

Thaler has tried to imagine how the airport made its calculations. Then the same experiment was done at fly-emblazoned urinals, and presumably the scales reported a dramatically measurable difference in soakage. Is This A New Idea? However it was done, it's not exactly news that urinal targets reduce spillage. Julie Power, co-founder of a blog called Moms To Work, says she recently took a red Sharpie pen and wrote "AIM" in big letters on her home toilet bowl, and her twin boys immediately focused on the target. This feature requires version 10 or higher of the Adobe Flash Player.

Get the latest Flash Player. NPR science correspondent Robert Krulwich explores adventures in science with help from designers, performers, cartoonists, animators and filmmakers. Another mother reported on Thaler's blog Nudge that she tears off individual patches of toilet paper and tells her boys to "cut this in half. Thaler recommends Cheerios. Even though they move, or maybe because they move, Cheerios tend to focus young male minds. Of course, the real mystery of the public urinals is:

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