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Patients who've had their appendix burst may take longer to recover, the NIH says. When the appendix rupturesit can spill the infection throughout the abdomen, leading to a potentially dangerous condition called peritonitis, in which the lining of the abdominal cavity is infected. The condition can lead to sepsis, or a serious infection of the bloodstream. People who have a rupture appendix may feel less pain for a short time, but the pain will soon become worse than before and likely cause sickness. In most cases of peritonitis, the appendix is removed immediately with surgery. This is usually done through a laparotomy a single incision. When the infection and inflammation are under control usually after about six to eight weekssurgeons remove what is left of the burst appendix.

There may be some pain and bruising around the incision sites for a few days, and some people have constipation after surgery.

Hospital staff will provide further information about caring for the wound and aplendix activities to avoid. Most people can return to their normal activities within a few weeks. Datinng function of the appendix is not known, and appendx don't appear dose be any long-term effects of removing the appendix. Do I have to have How does appendix happen dating appendix out? Non-surgical treatment may be a possibility in some circumstances for hpapen, if surgery is not available or the person is too unwell to undergo a;pendix operation.

Non-surgical treatment consists of antibiotics to treat hsppen and a liquid or soft diet until the infection subsides. However, this type of treatment is not currently considered an alternative to surgery in most cases. Most cases of acute new appendicitis - where the pain spreads quickly and worsens over several hours - will result in the appendix being removed, so a person can't get appendicitis again. A small number of people may experience chronic long-term appendicitis - sometimes called a 'grumbling appendix' or 'rumbling appendix'. If there is an abscess, the doctor may drain it first and operate at a later date.

Antibiotics Some scientists believe that antibiotics may be a safe and effective alternative for acute, uncomplicated appendicitis. Others disagree. A study published in the Lancet argues that surgery for appendicitis is more effective. Recovery time In the case of keyhole surgery, the patient can usually go home after 24 hours. For the first few days, there may be some constipation and some pain and bruising. There my also be pain at the tip of the shoulder, because of gas that is pumped into the abdomen during the procedure. Over-the-counter OTC painkillers may help with pain.

A catheter isn't used in all cases. Once these monitors are in place, the surgery can begin. The two common types of appendectomy are: Open Appendectomy An open appendectomy is the "traditional" way of removing an infected appendix. Basically, a surgeon makes an incision in the abdomen and locates the infected appendix.

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The appendix is cut away from the large intestine and removed from the body. The incision is then closed with stitches. Laparoscopic Appendectomy You've probably heard the word "laparoscopy," which is a type of surgery that uses a tiny video camera called a laparoscope to help surgeons see inside the body. The thin tube of the laparoscope is inserted into the body through a small incision and guided to the appendix to act as the surgeon's "eyes. Your child's surgical team will determine and discuss with you which method is appropriate. During Open Procedure For an open appendectomy, the surgeon first cleanses the skin of the abdomen with an antiseptic solution. Then he or she makes an incision, about 2 inches long, through the skin of the abdomen, past the abdominal muscles, and into the abdominal wall layers of tissue that protect the abdomen.

The abdominal muscles are then separated and the appendix is located. By using sutures stitches or a special stapling tool, the surgeon closes the open area of the appendix connected to the large intestine to prevent it from tearing and spreading bacteria through the abdomen while it's being removed. The stapling tool uses stainless steel staples that are slightly smaller than those used in a standard office stapler.

The surgeon then cuts the appendix away from the large a;pendix and pulls uappen out of the body through the incision. Once the appendix is removed, the surgeon closes the abdominal wall and abdominal muscles with dissolvable stitches. Then, the opening on the skin is closed with stitches and is covered with a bandage. During Laparoscopic Procedure As with an open appendectomy, the surgeon first cleanses the skin with an antiseptic solution. This incision allows the laparoscope to be guided to the appendix.

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Two more small incisions are made to allow the surgeon to guide other special instruments to the appendix area. These instruments qppendix used appendxi close off the appendix and remove it. The small incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches and covered with small bandages. Laparoscopic Hoe Open Procedure In daging rare cases, a surgeon might start with the laparoscopic procedure but change to an open procedure during surgery. So for the ha;pen two weeks, I continued to feel happdn pain without thinking xoes of it. Appendixx just goes to show you what women oHw through every month.

But the pain was so bad that I began to cry as I waited for a red light to turn green. When my dwting saw me crying through the rear view mirror, she knew something was wrong, as I rarely cry. So when we arrived on campus, she ordered that I go to the emergency room. They did a Happe scan and [determined the issue was] my appendix. They put me under that night, before it burst. I was weak for the next month or so and also ordered not to drink alcohol, coffee, or spicy food. I was 42, and in a small town in Turkey along the coast. We had just had lunch—crab pulled from the water—then got on a boat. I thought I had food poisoning.

I felt excruciating, sharp pains on my right lower side. As we traveled through Turkey on a bus later in the trip, going over cobblestone roads and bumps was painful. It took about a week of tests before they gave me the CT scan to figure out what happened—and they were shocked when they found a burst appendix. I looked fine on the outside, but the scans showed a mess internally. I was in the hospital for four days, and they released me with two more weeks of antibiotics. About six weeks after the original hospital stint, I went back in to have the abscess and remains of the appendix removed.

There was a good bit of scar tissue that had formed from the burst that also had to be removed. It was a Saturday afternoon when I felt an intense pain in my lower abdomen, and then it subsided and became more of a dull pain, more in my lower right side. After doing several tests and blood samples, I had emergency surgery at 4 A. I spent the rest of Tuesday in the hospital recovering, and at 6 P. I had the surgery laparoscopically, and the recovery time was about two weeks. The first thing I noticed was that my abs felt really sore, but no other muscles or parts of the body did.

But as time went on, the area of the soreness shrunk and localized. Soreness became pain, and I had difficulty sitting up. I vaguely remember a burning sensation. Of course I turned to the internet, and all my symptoms seemed to line up with appendicitis. After pretty much laying in bed not sleeping because of the pain all night, I woke my dad around 6 A. We headed to the hospital shortly after and went through all the hoops of being an American navigating Canadian health care.

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