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For more informations text me. Everything is arranged, so let me know very quickly. I traveled to Peshkopi close to the border with Macedonia to visit a few friends and, because of the oppressive heat, we decided to spend the afternoon at the river Drini i zi outside of town. I am very open minded to any suggestions anyone may have or just in general. So darling all is up to you In the mean time I am meeting lots of Lezhans, drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching the world cup when I can and enjoying sunset walks up to the castle with my roommate.

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pesbkopi Good at making people feel at ease. My name is isabella. I am a 5'8 tall lb. Iam inteligent lady, sensitive person with sense of humor. You know who you are. Besides the nonsensical oddities in the US we also have plenty of these too like ground-watering or hanging laundry out next to a construction site or not covering man-holes, here are a few other examples of Albanian-isms that now permeate life as I know it:

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