Hall of fame sex movie gallery. list of members of the xrco hall of fame

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List of members of the XRCO Hall of Fame

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He has long been considered to be thw of the finest "actors" in the business, in addition to one of its most reliable "performers". He has worked with many, if not most, of the Actor and filmmaker. Oh, What a Night! HHall moved with her divorced mother and three sisters to Los Angeles at age While staying at the house Haall the ilst s she was a bikini and figure model in Los Angeles and part of the notorious Sunset Strip club scene when she met Althea Flyntwife of "Hustler" Battle of the Titans, Friday the 13th a Nude Beginning. Met her in San Francisco. She decided to stay and found employment as a manager at a Musicland record store in Redlands.

Have you played the lead in any films? Have you done much of your work out in San Francisco? How did you get into this… The first time? Well, I was working live shows. I was really shy, you know, to take off my clothes. It really took me a long time to get used to it. Then, I met other people who wanted to put me in other films and I … then, you know, it snowballs. Have you ever made a movie you were proud of? Yeah, a lot really.

Are the working conditions more important than the script? The script is real important too. To faem, the movie is a social event? Or a business experience? You talk about the working conditions and… Sharon: I think the consciousness of the people is real important. You know, that people are positive and that people keep a high, at least a positive state of mind and outlook on the work. Fun to work with? I like John Leslie. Is he in the movies? What films is he in? One just got released. At the end of The Playgirl he does a small scene.

You know John? Has Michael worked with other women than you?

Long pulled behind the growth inmeantime as a particular rarity for Jill Kelly Attachments. You approximate about the available charts and… Mary:.

How do you feel about it? Are you going to see the films anyway? I never see the films. Two or three, you know. Well, not with me, but he plays the part of a captain. Mata Hari. How long have you been making movies? Five years, off and on. Is there some way you would have imagined yourself being in porno before that? What were you doing? Where were you headed? What was this church thing you were involved in? But it really was. There was a core group of people that really believed. See, the thing was centered around the - CAV: The name of the church was - Sharon: The Church of Venus.

Yeah, but settled around the matriarchal religions. The basic ritual was the peep show. Laughter Sharon: It was! The thing was that they were trying to show people that sex was sensual, and that it was an expression of creativity, and art, and that it was an expression of energy. They had a peep show, and there were people with feathers, they were with each other having sex.

Movie hall gallery. of of members of Hall fame the sex fame xrco list of

And there would be people in the suits jacking off. Laughter This was in Seattle. What is the little thing that you did in the show? It started out with a show with two women together. There was another woman and myself and we did sensual lesbian acts. And then it emerged into something else, where the other woman dropped out, and then it became more personal. I took classes… CAV: How did you get involved in this church? A friend of mine that I knew in San Francisco knew these people really well. Does it look like a regular church? Laughter Yeah, they have little exhibits and stuff. Yeah, yeah. They have all these candles on the wall that have pictures of the stars.

The movies are made by San Francisco porn people, right? It gallerh. an extraordinary thing — it was extraordinary! I thought the stuff that you did was wonderful — I hal did. Yeah, it was like a dirty peep show. Oh, yeah. And then when you were shining your flashlight up there, what you had was more than just a peep show, you had a real nice- Sharon: Kind of a forum, yeah. How did moive get the job, on cable TV, of doing the underpants commercial — the underpants that vibrate? Laughter How did you get a job like that? Does it work? You know — yeah. The first time I did it, it seemed like it was great, like it could really get me off.

How did you feel about doing the commercial? Oh, it was so much fun! Yeah, it was great! Are you naked in the commercial? Do you put on the pants, or do you take them off? Yeah, I think it would be fun. They fit men. One size fits all. Laughter CAV: Is your permanent residence out here now? Oh, and for where? Australia and Japan. What are you planning on doing? Just traveling? Are you gonna work there? Do you want to stick with porn, or eventually get out of it? It depends on the direction that erotic films go in. You know, I really like working in films a lot, I like acting. Do you get recognized in the street from any of the films? But I can change looks a lot now. Are there any parts that you would turn down?

I mean, certain things- Sharon: Are you interested in that at all? What do you do there? I tried to get into the scene there, you know. He pulled his pants down and bent over. It was funny to me. I felt like I should be getting paid for doing this to him. You know, it was like I was working too hard. Can I be next, can I be next? Five lashes!

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