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The Top 1000 Baby Names of 2013, United States of America

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Omar Little I had a classmate in elementary school named Lieutenant George, first and last. What are you going to bavy to the kid, "Oh no dear, I'm not making fun of your name, I'm just denouncing your parents for having cruelly deprived you of your dignity by giving you that dumbass name"? But it's available as a baby name!

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A fellow archeology student in college was a woman named Science. By complaining about it to the media they have done much more harm to their child's reputation than the South West Employee's initial action. Akaj All us Marks thought that was pretty messed up. What did they think was going to happen? Non-Latina women have been using the given name "Selena" for decades if not centuries. And while it did get a bit annoying, it was always presented as a joke, with him saying it in a weird way, and it came from him genuinely forgetting my name the second time we met, and he got it wrong, it's kinda a shared history thing. Buck Godot I know a boy named Odin and knew another named Orion, so I wouldn't rule out the mythology angle.

I can imagine her getting the nickname "Alphabet," but that's kinda like the guy I know named "Andrew Johnson" with the nickname "Prez. Your kid is going to have to go through life with their name, and people are going to make judgements based off that name. She's white Dung Beetle My grandson is named Midas. Beatrice was also on the rise, even before the "Divergent" series came out, and I've also seen plenty of little girls named Dorothy, Evelyn, Hazel, Ava, Hattie, and other names that often show up in the obituaries.

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It's a character name from grapy "Mortal Kombat" video game series pf something years ago. True, though https: But yeah, put me in the camp that says that naming your child a reasonably not weird name is one of your parental duties. It's also an obviously Greek name etymologicallyunless I'm missing something. I think picking a new pronunciation for an existing name should be a crime punishable with language Ed classes. Also, deliberately giving your child a "funny" name while knowing that:

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