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Mobile, Alabama

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This was cut short in part by mlbile Panic of and yellow fever epidemics. The mobilw slaves to enter the United States from the African trade were brought to Mobile on the slave ship Clotilde. Among them was Cudjoe Lewiswho in the s was the last survivor of the slave trade. Many early Jewish families were descendants of Sephardic Jews who had been among the earliest colonial settlers in Charleston and Savannah. The H.

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Hunleythe first submarine to sink an enemy ship, was built in Mobile. Lee 's surrender at Appomattox Courthousethe city surrendered to the Union army to avoid destruction after Union victories at nearby Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely. On May 25,the city suffered great loss when some three hundred people died as a result of an explosion at a federal ammunition depot on Beauregard Street. One example can be provided by the value of Mobile's exports during this period of depression. The turn of the 20th century brought the Progressive Era to Mobile.

The economic structure developed with new industries, generating new jobs and attracting a significant increase in population. Inthe city government passed Mobile's first racial segregation ordinance, segregating the city streetcars. It legislated what had been informal practice, enforced by convention. Considered to be progressive, as it would reduce the power of ward bosses, this change resulted in the elite white majority strengthening its power, as only the majority could gain election of at-large candidates. In addition, poor whites and blacks had already been disenfranchised. Mobile was one of the last cities to retain this form of government, which prevented smaller groups from electing candidates of their choice.

But Alabama's white yeomanry had historically favored single-member districts in order to elect candidates of their choice. Sometime in the late s they came ashore off cargo ships arriving from South America. The ants were carried in the soil used as ballast on those ships.

The company built of these oil tankers during WWII. During World War IIFeee defense buildup in Mobile shipyards resulted in a considerable increase mobole the city's white middle-class and working-class population, largely due to the massive influx of workers coming to work in the shipyards and at the Brookley Army Air Field. A race riot broke out in May of whites against blacks. ADDSCO management had long maintained segregated conditions at the shipyards, although the Roosevelt administration had ordered defense contractors to integrate facilities. That year ADDSCO promoted 12 blacks to positions as welders, previously reserved for whites; and whites objected to the change by rioting on May The mayor appealed to the governor to call in the National Guard to restore order, but it was weeks before officials allowed African Americans to return to work, [54] keeping them away for their safety.

In the late s, the transition to the postwar economy was hard for the city, as thousands of jobs were lost at the shipyards with the decline in the defense industry.

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Eventually the city's social structure began daitng become more liberal. Replacing shipbuilding as a primary economic force, the paper and chemical industries began to expand. No longer needed for defense, Frde of the old military bases were converted to civilian uses. Following the war, in which many African Americans had served, veterans and their supporters stepped up activism to gain enforcement of their constitutional rights and social justice, especially in the Jim Crow South. During the s the City of Mobile integrated its police force and Spring Hill College accepted students of all races. Unlike in the rest of the state, by the early s the city buses and lunch counters voluntarily desegregated.

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