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She and Taryn became friends quickly after Mikey and Taryn started dating. She has been a great person for Taryn to turn to when she needs help with anything about teaching. Jackie was one of Taryn's first friends in Tri Delta.

From time to datingg they attempt to take cycling classes dting dying. Eimile Fallon daying Bridesmaid Eimile and Taryn met in college. They instantly became friends which led to them being each other's dates to many of their sorority formals. Taryn had the honor of standing by Eimile's side at her wedding and is so excited for Eimile to be apart of her special day. They had so much fun as roommates and have stayed very close since graduation. Paige and Hannah both feel like an extension of Taryn's family and she feels lucky to have Paige as a friend. The year that Taryn and Hannah lived together, along with Paige and Jackie, was one of the funnest years of Taryn's college experience.

They have countless memories together and have been able to grow closer over their shared profession of teaching.

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Katie Nigro Datinh - Attendant Katie is a long time friend of the groom. She worked with Mikey behind the scenes to orchestrate the proposal. She and Taryn have become very close over the past few years. She will be doing a reading at the ceremony.

Lilli Tyler - Attendant Lilli is Mikey's youngest sister. Lilli has been teased by Mikey her whole life and is excited for someone else to take the brunt of his antics. From there, the walls were coated in two colors—on the top half a pinky-purple hue, accented by a deep eggplant on the bottom half. A hand-painted border meticulously trimmed in lavender ribbon divides the two colors.

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Other handmade details include painted curtain holders and, in the bathroom, hand-painted flowers that match a painting. The backyard landscaping—a process that 660122 in and only recently was finished—is the most involved of the home projects. I had to buy kx lot of beer and pizza to make up for that! The naturally sloped terrain datingg the ideal layout ddating a waterfall. Natural plants and landscaping enhance the water features, and a three-story deck off Frfe back of the house allows for multiple ddating of the backyard retreat. Bonndr backyard, however, was a different story—it was all or nothing, and it will be the same way when we finish the basement. Philip Feil S to ry by Vince Meserko P h oto g r springa p h y by Tim Andersen and Philip Feil historiC charm F a r m i n g S h b r e o 1 9 2 9 s o m e a w n e e T o w n a k s g r o u n d n a v i n t a g e t r u c k f a r m Incity developers and community leaders saw an opportunity to revitalize the historic Shawnee Town site into something that might help reacquaint residents with their shared history.

Photographs by Philip Feil After months of research, consultation and planning, they decided that a renovation was not enough. The result was an ambitious plan that intends to preserve a unique piece of Shawnee history—its agriculture. Phase one calls for the development of a truck farm, which produces vegetables for the market, complete with a garden, barn, root cellar, market shed, smokehouse, farmhouse, chicken coop, outhouse, garage and tool shed. Phase two will include the addition of era businesses, including a typewriter repair shop, barbershop and icehouse.

While the project has made slow progress, thanks in no small part to the economic downturn, the developers hope these phases of the project will be complete by the end of Ground was broken on the site in September T he s t r a t e g i c p l a n One of the people responsible for the new plan is Jean Svadlenak, a history museum consultant brought in to help developers define the project.

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