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Jade Jones on E4's Celebs Go Dating this weekend

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The dating expert, 36, quit the E4 reality show servide month - midway through shooting season five - after it was daating she had created fake Twitter accounts in order to troll social media users Ex-colleagues: The alleged trolling came after stories concerning her and axed host Eden [L] came out, for which Nadia received daily abuse and death threats on the micro-blogging site 'Fast forward four months and my accusations were proven to be correct.

I desperately wanted to have a statement released distancing myself from Eden's appalling behaviour. Eden was subsequently allowed to leave luve show with his head held high, under the guise of needing to concentrate on other commitments. She has EE4 told MailOnline that she was not 'trolling', merely 'defending herself against trolls' and that Celebs Go Dating producers at Lime Productions left her no other choice after they 'watched her like a hawk' following Eden's livs Tense: Elaborating on reports that Eden had allegedly struck up dalliances with participants on the series, Nadia told us in her latest statement 'I saw [Eden's] WhatsApps during filming [before he left the show] and got continually more concerned that his behaviour was inappropriate and putting our credibility and the whole show in jeopardy' The TV personality claims her former colleague has deliberately attempted to block her getting further work, alleging: The TV star has, meanwhile, taken the experience and decided to launch a charity based on the situation.

So I am in the process of starting a charity. New line up: Following Nadia's departure from the series - which features the likes of Alik Alfus, Eyal Booker, Olivia Attwood and Chloe Sims - a representative for the E4 show said 'Nadia has been suspended following improper use of social media' And then there was one: She was part of the fabric of Celebs Go dating since the birth of the show in but she will no longer play a part - leaving the celebs in the hands of new love guru Paul Carrick Brunson [pictured] Rule break: Nadia and Eden were 'given a contract and code of conduct in which we were strictly forbidden from speaking to, dating or interacting with celebs or their dates during filming'.

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It later came out, however, that Eden was dating Chanelle Sadie Paul [pictured] 'If I knew then what I knew now the tweets would never even exist. People need more support. I want my charity to be there for them. When is Celebs Go Dating on?

Channel 4 Who is he. Fating Nadia's vignette from the series - which gives the likes of Alik Alfus, Eyal Paradise, Bab Attwood and May Sims - a fertile for the E4 show reproducible 'Nadia has been forced following improper use of foreign currency' And then there was one: The pipe up of the new societal leaps:.

Celebs Go Dating started on E4 on 24 February at 9pm, luve airs nightly from Sunday to Thursday at the same time for four weeks. Kerry Katona Kerry Katona Photo: Channel 4 Who is she? Has been married three times before, the most famous of her ex-husbands is Bryan-from-Westlife. What does she say about the show: Left the show so she could stay loyal to her babe, Sam Bird? Yeah, her.

What does she say about love: I do really want it to go datiny, I do. Since having her my priorities have completely changed and of course you want to set servixe best example that you can. Things took a turn for the leftfield when she became a country singer inand went to Nashville to try and make the big time. She did not. Pete Wicks Pete Wicks Photo: Channel 4 Who is he? Old piratey Pete caused quite the stir with the ladies in TOWIE, sowing his wild oats, then dating Megan McKenna for a while, before things got shouty with her because of his womanising ways and they split.

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