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Yes, your cat can get herpes – here’s what you need to know

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Treatment cornfal herpesvirus is aimed at controlling clinical signs datijg reducing secondary complications. It is important to note that there is no cure for herpesvirus, and once infected, your cat has the virus for life. Some animals will never have Cah disease after the initial infection while others may have frequent recurrences. Cats that have recurrent outbreaks often have a stressful trigger, which if identified can be avoided or minimized. This can reduce the number of outbreaks. Typically, therapy includes topical antiviral drops or ointment for the eye and occasionally an oral antiviral medication.

Sometimes starting medications prophylactically before a known stressor the severity of the recurrent infection can be reduced. This is particularly true for chronic cases. The doctor may recommend testing in select cases.

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Most of the testing on our feline patients where we suspect a herpes infection is to rule-out secondary bacterial infections, alternative diagnoses, or other complicating factors eg. The diagnosis of an ocular herpetic infection is best made by the doctor's evaluation of the history of the eye problem, the signs in your particular cat's eyes, as well as the response to therapy. Most of the cats that we see have already been treated medically and did not exhibit an appropriate response to therapy. This is in itself suggestive of a herpes infection.

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The most important thing to remember is to try to remain patient. These types of infections can resolve quickly with antiviral treatments but some cases are extremely challenging ulfer control. The goals of treatment are to eliminate the signs of infection, to control ocular pain, and to prevent damage to the eyes that dwting lead Cst vision loss. The antiviral medications available to treat this condition only inhibit, but do not destroy, the virus. This means that your cat's immune system is extremely important to our goal of getting the active infection "into remission".

If your cat has a weak immune system due to age, immunosuppressive viral infections eg. Medical therapy for your cat will most likely include an antiviral drop or ointment. Frequency of treatment with these medications is very important, because the drugs are only inhibiting the virus and not killing it. Treatment is likely to be required for at least 3 weeks and for 1 week beyond remission of signs. Many cases require more chronic therapy.

Corndal most commonly used drugs in this category are idoxuridine and cidofovir. Your cat herpew cannot give you herpes. The virus is not transmissible from cat to human any more than a case of human herpes is transmissible to cats. While letting your cat lick your face is not necessarily hygienic, herpes cating not one of the things you should worry about. Antiviral drugs treat the outbreak and supplements like L-lysine help prevent further outbreaks. Sometimes secondary bacterial infections occur, which require further treatment and medication. In severe cases, the eye can rupture and become permanently blinded. Treatment is crucial and response to topical therapy is usually dramatic.

As mentioned, herpes infection typically causes respiratory signs as well: These signs can result in life-threatening loss of appetite and dehydration in a young kitten, while signs are generally minor in an adult cat whose immune system is mature. Kittens with obvious discomfort should be examined by a veterinarian.

Oral antibiotics will most likely be needed and sometimes hospitalization is also necessary for proper supportive care. Kitten with herpes upper respiratory infection. Kalumet via Wikimedia Commons Very young kitten with herpes conjunctivitis. These individuals will have recurring conjunctivitis in times of stress. Typical signs include squinting slightly in one eye, a noticeable increase in ocular discharge usually brownish in colorredness of the conjunctivae, or all of the above. There are several feline infectious diseases that can cause conjunctivitis: Frequently they are present in combination. The chances are that it will not be worthwhile to determine which agents are present; it is more practical to treat for bacterial agents and secondary bacterial infections first and then see if antiviral medications turn out to be needed.

That said, if one really wants to know if herpes is present or not, a PCR "polymerase chain reaction" test is probably the best test to run.

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