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Backdating Contracts: Everything You Need to Know

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And according to section 9 1 gan instrument can be considered false if the document claims to have been created or modified on a date on which it was not actually created or modified. With this in mind, misdating or backdating a contract could be considered a serious legal offense.

An offense of this nature is subject signaturf trial in a magistrate's court or even Backdatong. According to Section 6 2the maximum allowed penalty in the event of an indictment is 10 years in prison. The appellate court determined two separate issues: Backdatinv appellate court affirmed the trial court and stated: The law does not support the blanket conclusion that a retroactive effective date in a contract is only enforceable when the evidence demonstrates that the parties had agreed to the material terms of their contract as of the retroactive date.

In this instance, inserting the date on which the parties began performing under the contract is more accurate than inserting the actual date of signature. Much to my surprise, a benevolent lender wired the funds to the client with no loan paperwork in place but with the expectation of receiving a promissory note later. It was created to document or memorialize a previous oral agreement to repay the funds.

A signature Backdating

How Is Backdating Accomplished? Rather, it is a date on which the parties have agreed that their contract will be effective. Some contracts make this clearer than others. In a contract or resolution, the recitals [1] can tell the story, including the backdating. Consider the following sample: It also explains why the contract is being backdated.

In signatude the courts are more sympathetic than one might anticipate. Where the parties have obviously and without malice tried to wrap antecedent matters into a contractual framework, the courts will often imply a Bacldating term into siynature contract in relation to the regulation of earlier matters, particularly where this does not have an adverse impact on a third party or result in some evasion of taxation or filing fees. Another common example is where one person purports to sign a document on behalf of another person, and then afterwards the parties execute a backdated power of attorney to clothe the signatory with the necessary authority.

You can never be absolutely sure whether it is alive or dead or perhaps alive from a different date than you had anticipated until a judge opens the box for you.

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This is a fraud on the tax authorities, a criminal offence and is likely to get the lawyer who prepared the document disciplined by his regulator and possibly also charged as a co-conspirator. For obvious reasons, any request to backdate a document for these reasons should be flatly turned down. However, an explanation often given by the person wanting to backdate the document is that the document is merely meant to reflect an oral agreement that has already been made and that this is just a way of documenting it. In theory, this would appear on the face of it to be a reasonable request, as it is just a private arrangement between two parties.

There are some cases where this approach is not possible. For example, a reduction of share capital using the UK solvency statement procedure only takes effect in law when it is actually registered with Companies House. So any attempt to rely on the reduction before registration would be ineffective. You will also need to consider two other things from a legal perspective.

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