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All three lay on the bed, rich to regain their duty, Kelly in the financial, Jim and Ted on either side. He put his plans inside her advisor and bad to lift it up, heavily it up around her mom.

What was I supposed to do? My brain was telling me to get the hell out of there… this was my daughter-in-law, but my cock was telling me something completely different. I let her lead me to the bed, and my brain shut off. The cock won. She opened my pants and pulled them down, while taking my already hard cock in her palm. She spit on it, leaving a long string of saliva leading from the tip of my dick to her plush lips. She has always called me Dad, even before she married my son. She took off her top to reveal a pair of soft C cup tits.

She turned around on the bed and wiggled her round plump ass. She pressed her self back against my cock and let me fuck the crack of her ass. I was only millimeters away from her juicy pussy. She grabbed my cock in her hand and slapped it against her pink lips. She slid the head up and down the cleft and almost let me put it inside. I was almost fucking the same pussy that my son fucks! She stroked my cock with her ass up, reaching under her leg, so I got a nice long look at the wet snatch she denied me. The alcohol had taken effect as Kelly decided it was just a kiss. Kelly was nervous now. She was now forced to kiss the man who had tried to put his hands all over her so many times.

She lent towards Jim.

He learnt his actions down her appeal, to her baffled controllers. She everted a passionate of door colour high heels that began well with her advisor increasing affiliates.

Kelly tried to resist, but knew the sooner this was over the better. She put her mg on either side of his waist and sat down on his lap. She lent in and kissed her father-in-law. Jim was in heaven. Here he was with his hot daughter-in-law on his lap, her soft hands around his neck, and her red wet lips on his. He put one hand behind her head as he FFuck his tongue inside her mouth. Kelly moaned softly as both their tongues met in a mt kiss, like a kiss in a porn movie. Jim used his other hand to untuck her shirt from her skirt. Her pussy was wet with arousal as she lifted her butt off his crotch. This will be over soon she said to herself.

Jim felt her lift her butt off his crotch, so he put both hands on her firm ass. He started to feel her ass, firmly squeezing each cheek. He moved his hands down her butt, to her exposed thighs. He put his hands inside her skirt and started to lift it up, pushing it up around her waist. His hands now made contact with her bare ass. He could feel her silky thong as it disappeared deep into her butt crack. Kelly quickly broke the kiss as she felt her father-in-laws hands. Jim started to kiss her neck, as he moved one hand up her back to stop her form getting up.

Ted couldn't take it anymore. He had to have his share as well as he yelled "Times up. My turn". Jim let Kelly get up as she slowly staggered over to Ted in her high heels. Ted grabbed her hands and pulled her down, forcing her to sit the same way on Teds lap as their lips met.

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His hands roamed her beautiful body. Ted put one hand to her firm breast and stated to squeeze them. He pinched one of her nipples through her shirt as Kelly moaned with excitement. Jim got up and walked behind his daughter-in-law. There was no holding back. He had waited for this too long. She tried to pull Jims hand out of her skirt, but Jim just started to rub her panty-covered crotch. Jim could feel her moist cunt through her soaked panty. Ted ripped open her shirt, as buttons flew everywhere. Kelly's matching black silk bra was now full exposed. The bra made her breast stand firm as Ted used his hand to push them together. He started to pinch one nipple again as he sucked on the other breast.

Jim now put his hand inside her panty as he could feel a thin line of pubic hair. He put one finger inside her hot pussy lips as Kelly pushed her hip forward to meet his hand. Jim put in another finger, and he couldn't believe how tight her pussy was. He could barley put in the second finger as Kelly dropped her head onto Ted's shoulders and bit his neck with pure lust. Jim followed behind with a bottle of rum in his hand. Ted dropped Kelly onto the bed and started to take off his shorts. Please don't do this", Kelly pleaded as she tried to get up.

But Jim sat down beside her and poured some rum into her mouth. He had tattoos all over his fat body. But Kelly couldn't help and stare at his thick cock. It was easily twice as thick as her husbands and a couple of inches longer. Ted climbed on top of her and pushed her brown skirt up to her waist. The innocent look in her green eyes was enough for Ted. With one slow thrust, he buried his cock all the way inside Kelly's tight cunt. He slow started to thrust in and out as Kelly through her head back in ecstasy.

Ted grabbed hold of her waist and started to hammer into her pussy. Jim stared at her breast shaking back and forth. He poured some rum onto her flat Fucck stomach. How many times he would stare at her flat stomach when wice would wear low cut jeans around the house. He lent down and started to lick her abs. She was now enjoying the fucking she was receiving. Never had her husband fucked her as hard as Ted was fucking her now. Jim gave the bottle of rum to Ted, and then unclasped Kelly's bra, revealing her erect nipples. Jim buried his face into her breast, lightly bitting and sucking her nipples.

His balls were slapping into her ass. With one final thrust he buried his cock all the way inside her abused pussy. He kept thrusting slowly as he filled her up with his cum. Jim got up and dropped his pants, revealing his long 10 inch cock. Ted pulled his cock out of Kelly's cunt, as it made a pop sound. It looked to be around 10 inches long.

I'm going to fuck you till eife cum out of your ears", Jim said as he spread Kelly's thighs, giving him a soms of her swollen pussy lips. He slowly began kissing Fuck my sons wife way up her legs, finally reaching the thin strip of pubic hair. Kelly sona moaning with pleasure as she ran her finger nails through Jims head. Jim teased her more by licking around her cunt, until Kelly couldn't take it any more. This was all the encouragement Jim needed as he climbed on top of her body, placing his long cock at her pussy lips. With one quick dife, be buried his cock all the way inside her hole.

His cock was reaching places no one had ever reached before. Kelly wrapped her legs around her father-in-law sonx Jim started to hump her. Her ass was bouncing up and down on the bed as Jim lent in to kiss her. Kelly lifted her head to kiss him as they started to kiss each other passionately. Kelly dug her fingernails into Jims back, as Jim continued to fuck her as hard as possible. The bed was shaking like an earthquake had hit the house. Jim looked down at her pretty pace. Her hair was in a mess. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. Finally, his cock couldn't take any more, as it erupted inside her cunt. Her tight pussy sucked all the cum out of his cock, as he remained on top of his daughter-in-law, until finally, he rolled off her and lay next to her.

All three lay on the bed, trying to regain their breath, Kelly in the middle, Jim and Ted on either side. The reality of the situation had final settled in for Kelly. She had just cheated on her husband, the man she loved, with her father-in-law and his filthy old friend. Tears started to run down her face, her pussy was still burning with desire. Never had she enjoyed the fucking she had just received. She could hear both Jim and Ted sleeping, and she too fell asleep with exhaustion, with her skirt wrinkled around her waist. The white sticky cum of the two men started to run out of her pussy, and down her butt. Around half an hour had passed when Jim awake to the bed shaking.

He looked around to find his daughter-in-law on top of Ted, straddling him. Her hands were running through his hairy chest, as Ted was squeezing her breast. Kelly threw her head back and started to bounce on his cock furiously. Jim got up and walked into the bathroom. Kelly looked around to see Jim oil up his finger and place it in her butt hole.

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