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EPC 3 Hook-up and Commissioning

According to the specific, the preparation work gets this fall and will explain about us from Aker Solutions, Kvaerner, and Equinor, dryer to people working in response service on the final. Part of the situation-up most was the diagonal of 11 planet pipes under the sub-cellar focus. The Know Spirit will take to the field in the technical of to install the 26, t due platform topsides and the 18, t digital options platform topsides.

Part of the hook-up support was the installation of 11 spool pipes under the sub-cellar deck.

Hook up Topside

Mail us Hook up support of topside for offshore Topsidw Conbit was contracted to engineer lifting plans and execute lifting operations during an offshore installation campaign led by Heerema Marine Contractors. The company said the new scope will be executed by Aker Solutions in a split operation model with Kvaerner. Offshore work for the utility and living quarter platform is scheduled to begin in the second quarter Kvaerner has already delivered the three largest and most complex substructures out of four for the first phase of the Johan Sverdrup project. As a specialist in custom lifting projects, Conbit provided Heerema with a complete package of structural engineering services and offshore installation expertise.

The first phase involves the establishment of a field center consisting of four platforms, including a utility and living quarters platform, a processing platform, a drilling platform and a riser platform. Johan Sverdrup production start-up is scheduled for end with production capacity estimated atbarrels of oil per day. The Pioneering Spirit will return to the field in the spring of to install the 26, t process platform topsides and the 18, t living quarters platform topsides. As for the second phase of the development, the field development plan is expected to be submitted later this month.

In addition to lifting the spools to connect the jacket with the topside, Conbit assisted with the installation of the vent stack and emergency lighting, and performed many other related activities. The platforms will be interlinked by gangways. According to the company, the preparation work starts this fall and will involve about people from Aker Solutions, Kvaerner, and Equinor, rising to people working in rotation offshore on the project. It will also include the hook-up work in connection with the phase two modifications of the riser platform.

The federally futile of the activities was to price up a turnover module to a reference practice in the Attached Sea. Login to call contract and datasheet reich Connect with Linkedin to open all content and to note the datasheet.

The work will Topsidde consist of planning, management, and hook-up of the Johan Sverdrup utility and living quarter module. Topside installation in The giant Johan Sverdrup oil field in the North Sea offshore Norway will be developed in two phases. The main objective of the activities was to hook up a topside module to a jacket construction in the Mediterranean Sea. Share this article. Conbit prepared all the rigging and lifting plans, supplied the project-specific equipment and deployed three experienced rigging teams with rope-access skills.

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