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Iron Deficiency in Asymptomatic Young Men

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Women and Anemia The most common type of anemia worldwide is iron deficiency anemia, which is caused by a shortage of iron.

Women are especially likely to develop this type Ansmia anemia for several reasons. First, women aged 12 to 49 lose blood approximately once a month during their periods. Iron is needed to make the new blood that replaces the blood lost with each menstrual period. The risk of anemia is higher among women with periods that are especially long or include very heavy bleeding. Some women also lose iron from uterine fibroids non-cancerous growths in the womb that bleed slowly, or from bleeding caused by using certain intrauterine devices IUDs for birth control.

Second, women need extra iron during pregnancy for the proper development of their Ahemia. In fact, pregnant women olser 50 percent more iron than usual 27 mg per day instead of the usual 18 mg per day. Women also lose blood during childbirth. It is important for women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant to have their iron levels checked and to tell their health care providers about any symptoms of anemia. Some examples of how people lose blood include: Injury and trauma. This can cause visibly obvious bleeding, but also sometimes causes people to bleed into a space inside the body, which can be harder to detect. Chronic bleeding in the stomach, small intestine, or large bowel.

Man older dating in Anemia

This can be due to many reasons, some common ones include: This is mainly a problem for people who are hospitalized and getting daily blood draws. Menstrual bleeding. This is usually an issue for younger women but occasionally affects older women. There is also a third category of anemias, related to red blood cells being abnormally destroyed in the body before they live their usual lifespan. One-third were due to chronic kidney disease or anemia of chronic disease. Understanding the timeline of the anemia — did it come on quickly or slowly? Is the red blood count stable or still trending down with time? Common follow-up tests include: This issue especially comes up when people are hospitalized or acutely ill.

This will help you understand the plan for follow-up and treatment. Some specific questions that can be handy include: How bad is this anemia? Does it seem to be mild, moderate, or severe? What do you think is causing it? There were no exclusion criteria. All persons were visited at their place of residence. The request for participation was made by telephone, a short home visit, or through relatives if the person was residing in a nursing home. After verbal informed consent, a physician interviewed the persons on their medical history and activities of daily living and tested their cognitive function with the Mini-Mental State Examination. The blood samples were drawn during a separate home call.

The measurements were done with an automated system Coulter counter, Coulter Electronics, Hialeah, Fla. Anemia was defined by the criteria of the WHO. The reference interval for the red blood cell volume was set at 80 to fL in both sexes.

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Anenia Data All ib were followed for mortality up to October 1,for a total follow-up period of 10 years. The places and dates of death and the numbers of the death certificates were obtained from the civic registries. Causes of Death The primary causes of death were assessed by linking the death certificate numbers to the causes of death coded by a physician of the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics. The codes to were categorized as "cardiovascular disorders," the codes to as "malignant neoplasms," and the codes to as "respiratory diseases. Other infectious diseases were not recorded in our study. A linear spline model produced very similar results; only the Cox model is presented here.

No differences in other upper GI lesions or the proportion of total upper GI lesions were reported between groups. No difference was found in the proportion of total lower GI lesions between participants with and without IDA. The prevalence of significant lower lesions was also increased in participants with IDA. Limitations of this study include the use of a hospital-based population, which may result in selection bias. The authors did not investigate non-bleeding-associated diseases that could present as IDA, and they did not screen for celiac disease despite current guideline recommendations; however, the authors note that celiac disease is far less common in Asian populations than in Western populations.

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