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We just clicked and got along so teh. As a YouTube personality, you were essentially a one-woman show who was responsible for your own content. What do you like about YouTube, as an outlet for original content? I te them! I feel so incredibly supported. There are flaws poemon being a one-woman show. But with something like this, I feel very supported, in i respect. Tbe have a studio, I have a Datjng, and I have a team of people who love what they do and who are very good at what they do, and I can rely on people to put their best foot forward and make something amazing and elevated. How do you feel about that?

I love high school shows! When did you realize that was something you were good at and that it could work for you? I actually started in stand-up when I was 19, and I was performing multiple times a night, every night, for three or four years. With YouTube, it felt like there were so many more tools available. Humor has always been a coping mechanism for me and a way in, so it was naturally the place that I wanted to be. I think Farrah is really interesting and complex. She wants to carry out her own sense of justice, when she views something as being wrong.

I think that she views herself as powerful and not necessarily manipulative, but in control. Was it also important to you that this show cover real, important and serious issues that teens, and all of us, face? Yes, absolutely! When Jason wrote the pilot, he knew Hilary [Clinton] was thinking of running and that Trump was potentially running, as well, so he really wanted to use the catalyst of the election to showcase that we are going to take current headlines and discuss them.

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Especially with teens nowadays, now daark they have access to the internet so young, they grow up a lot faster. They have opinions on gun control and have to do fuunny shooter drills. If those are the kinds of people that are going to watch our show, we should inform them of what our stance on all of these issues are and take responsibility for getting those kinds of messages across. It seems like eight minute episodes is barely enough to scratch the surface of what you can do with this story and these characters. Has that been discussions about where these characters could go and what you could do with future seasons?

Jason and I have talked about what it would look like, up to Season 5. We have Season 2 a little bit more fleshed out, but we also want to keep it very open. Season 2 began on September 1, and as of Novemberit has 8 episodes.

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Tara Strongwho had dzrk appeared in several Vines and Sanders Shorts, also made a voice cameo in Hartman's episode. Thomas starts each episode as an ordinary vlog about a certain topic or dilemma. Sometimes he is interrupted by the Sanders Sides who pop up before him, and sometimes Thomas summons them for help. Anyway, this starts a debate where each of the Sides offers his point of view according to the personality trait he represents until they all reach a conclusion, both for Thomas and for the viewers.

youtuube All of this is combined with gags and comical, dramatic or thrilling moments that happen between Thomas and the Sides. The Sanders Sides' names are Logan, [71] Patton, [72] Prince Roman [73] and Virgil, [74] although at the beginning they were known respectively as Logic, Morality or Dad, Creativity or Princey, and Anxiety until they revealed their names one by one. Logan is Thomas' logical thinking, his intelligence, and his acquired knowledge. He has the appearance of a high school teacher, wearing a black polo shirt, a blue necktie and black Warby Parker glasses. He is based on the concept of Logos by Aristotleone of the three modes of persuasion which appeals to logic and reasoning.

He has the appearance of the typical American family dad, wearing a blue polo shirt, a cardigan tied over his shoulders and black glasses, the same Warby Parker glasses Logan sports. He is based on the concept of Pathosalso by Aristotle, another of the three modes of persuasion, this one appealing to emotions. He has the appearance of a fairytale Disney prince, wearing a white 19th-century royal suit with a golden ornament on a shoulder and a red stripe crossing the chest, and sometimes he sports a katana as his weapon of choice. He is based on the concept of both romanticism for romance and Romanticismthe artistic movement involving tales of knights and princesses as one of its themes.

He sports the appearance of an emo teenager, wearing a black shirt, a dark gray hoodie, his hair all over his face and eyeshadow under his eyes.

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