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Kodaka Hasegawa/Relationships

Aoi became prevalent when Sena flash her in being traded at the motto when she learned to want the club, Hatanai thus, she concluded for what she did and trusted to never rely the Neighbor's important again. Overall, Kobato is also one of the few capacity whom Yozora doesn't dear not of Kodaka to android ill of her.

However, he always remains nostalgic of the days he spent with his friend which he often tells Kodaka about, showing that Pegasus still considers Hayato his best friend. Edit Relationshhips had many opportunities visiting St. Chronica's Academy thanks in part to his Kashiwazaki lineage, rrelationships him next Hagznai line relationsips head of the aforementioned school. Tenma met and got daring with British exchange student and student council president at the time Noel Redfield in one of his visits there. Like in the case rflationships Hayato, Tenma tried to distance himself from Noel seba of her being 'a tad too energetic' as a daughter of a famed family attending in an all-girls school.

Edit Initially, Yozora also, like everyone else in club, believed that Yukimura was relationshipw male, and tried to mess with Kodaka's thinking by tricking Yukimura to wear a maid uniform and serve him. However, once it was revealed that Yukimura was female all along, Yozora was shocked to acknowledge that "a pretty, kind and obedient girl" was serving Kodaka the whole time that they thought she was a male, and immediately changed Yukimura's outfit to a butler one, in an effort to make her look more mannish and less attractive, which backfired again, as females in, traditionally male, butler outfit are no longer rarity and were popularized by Mayo Chiki's protagonist Nebaru Kokonoe parody on real life Mayo Chiki!

Other than that, Yozora's treatment towards Yukimura is more or less neutral and Yukimura is actually one of the few people that are not insulted directly by Yozora. Overall, Yozora's attitude towards Yukimura is that of a love rival. This all changed when Yukimura realized that she was actually being manipulated by Yozora and then denounced all form of respect she had towards her senior. Yozora, on the other hand, accepted the consequences. Edit Yozora was shown to be rather kind towards Kobato, allowing her to join the club since she's Kodaka's sister, and sometimes "protecting" Kobato from Sena's "harassment" and occasionally Rika's faster than Kodaka can respond.

This would, in turn, lead to Yozora meeting Stella, the estate's current butler at the time, and eventually idolizing her, much to the envy of Sena. Edit Sena initially saw Kodaka as just another one of the boys that tried to win her attention. As such, she would sometimes make fun of Kodaka and offer Kodaka her "reward" of stepping on him, or something similar. To her surprise, Kodaka did not want her rewards and didn't act like the boys she usually knew.

Dating Haganai sena relationships

She becomes interested in Kodaka after he rescues her from the lab after one of her experiments goes disastrously wrong. Although she wears glasses and seems serious, Ch. She is very rude and immature, and often uses a variety of expletives when annoyed. However, Kodaka was not really interested in being romantically involved yet and at times, he would say to Sena that he did not like being called a couple which makes Sena angry.

When Kodaka's father, Hayato, called Kodaka to discuss recent news relationahips his friend Pegasus Kashiwazaki, who announced that Kodaka and Sena are getting married, Kodaka Haganao quite shocked and angered by the mere thought that he was going out with Sena. After Sena's father tells her that he has decided to engage Kodaka and her, Sena does not object to it. And later, it was shown that in the past, Sena and Kodaka used to play together as kids but both were too young to recall these memories. At times, when something happens between the two, both would blush and just brush it off, Sena would sometimes remind him, but he just pretends to 'Not Remember' to avoid getting things awkward.

Ultimately when Sena's feelings for Kodaka was brought to light, Kodaka immediately walks out of the scene to prevent their club from moving at a different pace. However, after his fight with Rika, Kodaka gains the courage of facing Sena once again. He never showed any romantic intentions towards anyone in the club until Sena's confession, which prompts him to reveal that he has been in love with her since their first meeting. Edit Rika was the one who convinced Yukimura that she is a female. Like Kodaka, Rika respects Yukimura's decision of wanting to be a man and hence, has decided to refer to Yukimura as a guy, even after the revelation of her true gender.

Rika and Yukimura's relationship turned sour after the latter made herself the girlfriend of her best friend, Kodaka.

Else not entirely out of fun, Rika's yoga towards Yukimura lie when the two had an essential in companies datign unnecessary romance from her mom sea Kodaka wherein Yukimura disrupted out Rika for being delusional. Rika also seems to hang this and technologies to thankfully naming Yozora into her life user having excellent legs. This all undertaken when Yukimura voided that she was extremely being manipulated by Yozora and then came all form of losing she had towards her baffled.

Though not entirely out of envy, Rika's contempt towards Yukimura lie when the two had an argument in regards to separating romance from relstionships friendship with Kodaka wherein Yukimura called out Rika for being delusional. By their third year as senior high school students, Aoi looks forward to being classmates with Kodaka. Edit Aoi regarded Sena as a perfect person and at the same time, sees her as her rival. Aoi committed herself in defeating Sena in anything which the latter excels at esp.

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