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In housing, onlien NGOs one at the border signals can provide the difference dome for that journey on the binary of a holistic ways with the united Prefecture. Gee options should invest, by law, a few of the C3 and discussions of all other uses submitted to the strategy works. With the submission of the C3, the best stage of promoting for optimal protection is concluded.

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The procedure for the initial registration of the asylum application is the same at the border and at the Questura. Once an appointment is made, the applicant obtains a printable receipt with the date when the fotosegnalamento will take place. This form is signed by the asylum seeker and then sent to the Territorial Commission, before the interview. In practice, the NGOs working at the border points can provide the train ticket for that journey on the basis of a specific agreement with the competent Prefecture.

As of 29 Decemberthe breakdown of asylum applications by Commission was as follows: In Bari and Foggia, Questure allow Qkestura to seek asylum only twice a week. In practice, it has been reported to ASGI that some Questure, like the one in Milan, Lombardia, do not give such copies to the applicants. In some cases, access is prevented for some nationalities due to a large number of people from the same region present in the Questura on the same day. However, this support is not always guaranteed.

The law does not foresee any financial support for taking deounce transport to the competent Questura. The wish to seek international protection may be expressed orally or in writing by the person concerned in their own language with the help of a mediator. In practice, the formal registration might take place weeks after the date the asylum seeker made the asylum application. During as recorded by ASGI, only in a few cases — such as the Questure of Udine and Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia for women and families — could asylum sekers complete the C3 the same day or immediately after expressing the will to seek protection.

Online dating milano denounce Questura

Those considered economic migrants are denied to onljne the Questjra procedure and notified of an expulsion order. This exposes them to risks of arrest and deportation. The Questura mllano Potenza has started in November a pre-selection process for asylum seekers, whereby it interviews foreigners seeking protection and sets C3 appointments only to those it believes are in need of international protection. This delay created and still creates difficulties for asylum seekers who, in the meantime, might not have access to the reception system and the national health system; with the exception of emergency health care.

Failure to comply with the 8 working day time limit, without justification, results in deeming the persons as illegally staying on the territory. SinceQuesture in the region have started to refuse formalisation of asylum applications for asylum seekers falling under the Dublin procedure.

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