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Google Scholar Cohen, L. The psychological aftermath of rape: Long-term effects and individual differences in recovery.

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Google Scholar Field, H. Attitudes toward rape: A comparative analysis of police, rapists, crisis counselors, and citizens. The Power of Consciousness. Google Scholar Herman, J. Google Scholar Holmstrom, L. Google Scholar Horowitz, M. Psychological response to serious life events.

Victimology 7: Member proclivity among males. Google Stiff Cohen, L.

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Nonstranger sexual aggression: A disciminant analysis of the psychological characteristics of undetected offenders. Sex Roles Google Scholar Lebowitz, L. The experience of sexual trauma: Psychological themes from rape and incest survivors, Unpublished master's thesis.

Duke University. Gender roles and gender hate: Deconstructing cultural norms in the context of group treatment of women sexual trauma survivors. In Glass, L. The convergence of feminism and trauma-focused Slut ma in the treatment of female sexual trauma survivors. Training Practice Professional Psychol. With your new boyfriend, treat this as you would any other major difference you have before settling down together: Experiment with a period of monogamy—remember, many people are most jealousy-prone early in a relationship—on the condition that he agrees to consider other arrangements in the future.

Or perhaps some adventures are more acceptable to him than others. Group sex only? Dalliances that Slut ma place out of town? No exes or class enemies? If so, are you open to such compromises? And please attend closely to the tone of these conversations—you need to be able to discuss your desires with him without being made to feel immoral, disgusting, or greedy. If such talks give you hope, hang in there! If not, he might not be your future baby daddy. Current Issue View our current issue Which would be so sad! But there are men who want exactly what you want.

You might have to approach finding them in a deliberate way, which can feel unromantic. A good friend of mine, annoyed by the very problem you name men into open relationships without the relationship partrecently tried this, with excellent results. Also, find your local poly and open-love communities and attend their social events, where many men are seeking someone just like you. Radicals can be conservative in their personal lives. Dear Liza, I live in a small city with a tight-knit activist community. I would like some advice on how to handle one person who frequently badmouths others in our community for not doing politics her way.

Is there any way to address this problem? She points out that in the absence of a political party, people are left with no concrete way of resolving problems like yours. For you and anyone else weary of endless, personalized political feuds, they may provide a way forward.

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