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To understand more about inexperienced girls, here is another great article from Chase.

These two articles will give you some of the background you need to jump into this article with both feet. In general, people tend to think that only girls who seem tirls! with guys are virgins. This is really not a great way to know for sure whether she is glrls! virgin or not. A smooth way to bring up this matter is by making assumptions about her past sexual relations or lovers in a conversation, then letting her react to it. These kinds of conversations look like this: What a shame! This brings us to a more general topic, which is the way you view her as a virgin — compared to the Virgin Myth. The Virgin Myth However, the myth of the virgin, as first presented by patriarchal societies, was more than just an intact hymen.

As a consequence, if you, my friend, see things that way Just a Myth; Not the Reality Your virgin probably is not the pure, sexless being you might think she is. The reality behind this myth is very different though. Your second job after having assessed and confirmed her as a virgin is to assess the level she's embodying the virgin myth. The starting point of your work to make the first time a "non-violent" act will be different depending on that level.

For example, you can meet virgin girls who have never played in a romantic game but still talk about naughty sex all the time with their girlfriends and have tons of fantasies. How You Look at Her If in general, on this website, we tell you that you should take the role of the leader in the interaction with your belle, that leading role becomes even more important with a virgin girl. As a matter of fact, if she trusts you to lead her to those new areas, the way you look at her — or the way you consider her — is going to have a major impact on her behavior.

Instead, it will just reinforce the sexual identity of the woman she already is. The Step-By-Step Process of the First Time As said above, your starting point is going to be different depending on how she compares with the virgin myth — and depending on her past experiences. The mistake guys usually make with first timers is taking the girl to bedkissing, undressing, caressing, fingering, then just thrusting inside all the same day. This kind of process brings a lot of new things to her, and those novelties each bring their own stress to her, which is able to bring the violent sentiment we talked about before, especially if the girl has no past experiences at all and is actually very close to the virgin myth.

Instead, what you should do is divide the process in different steps that you cover gradually over a period of time: Day 1: While having sex for the first time, there may be spotting or bleeding because of the tear in your hymen. And you need to remember this, a hymen is not a sign of virginity, sexual intercourse is. Your hymen could tear for several reasons like horseback riding, vigorous exercises, gymnastics or even while getting fingered by your boyfriend. If the guy penetrates into the girl and it feels painful, then start by having sex using just the tip of his member. Over time, the guy can penetrate a little deeper and the sex would start to feel more comfortable.

He can always go deeper as she feels more comfortable having him inside her. So take it slow, enjoy the sensation and learn from the experienced partner. Easy tips to be great in bed every single time! Masturbate a couple of hours before your date, or before getting together with your girlfriend to have sex. Relieving the sexual tension can prevent you from ejaculating inside her as soon as you penetrate her. But make sure you use a condom while having sex as traces of your sperm could still remain in your member.

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When that happens, stop moving your pelvis around, take a few deep breaths, and distract your mind by kissing her while your little guy calms down inside her. Penetrating too soon could do two things. The overexcitement could force you to ejaculate really quickly, or secondly, you may go limp with overexcitement. Indulge in foreplay for at least about fifteen minutes or more before you penetrate her so your mind and your little guy can warm up slowly to the act. You could hurt her. And secondly, you could end up ejaculating quickly. Pause for a few seconds every now and then in between the to-and-fro motions and just focus on her. One or both of you may be moving your pelvises too aggressively and that could cause your member to slip out often.

Slow down your movements and try to move your bodies in sync with each other. If she seems to be in pain, slow down or pull out a little. Here are six tips to help you understand it better. Sometimes, the bleeding may be so little that you may not even notice it. How much you bleed depends on the size and thickness of your hymen. But if you do bleed, you may just notice a bit of spotting on your bed or at times, something that resembles your period stain on the sheets. A few girls who have sex for the first time could experience some soreness for a day or two.

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After having sex for taikng first time, you may continue to bleed a girlw over a few days. But if you see anything more than a bit of spotting in your underwear or scant traces when you pee, speak to someone you trust in the family or get in touch with your doctor. To understand the experience, try to recollect how you feel when you use a cotton swab to clean your ear. Does it make you want to close your eyes? Does it leave you feeling pleasantly weak?

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