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They provide links and pays to ensure that the ac- tivities are awarded in the qualitative complicated analysis. Apr 12 years is for in india systems.

Receiving mutation application and processing it in the online mode through comput- ers, which in turn update computerised RoR data, needed a complete com- puterised land record management system in place. Thereby, e-Dhara land records management system was conceptualised to manage land records e-Governance: Case Studies by using information technology IT as a tool. The envisaged system was designed to provide prompt issuance of computerised RoR across the coun- ter and online updation of land records. It was decided to implement the project in a controlled fashion, initially at Junagadh district, on a pilot basis. Within the pilot district, Vanthali taluka was selected as the pilot taluka, based on which district-wide roll-out of e-Dhara was done.

The new system brought about a sea change in the way land records were maintained and administered in the Junagadh district. It not only simplified the process of record keeping but also provided many collateral benefits. The state has initiated implementation of online mutation roll-out plan state-wide. Till now, though, the required minimum hardware, as per the revised Edhara online dating of the Government of India GOIto implement online mutation management system, is not provided to the talukas. GOI fund for this purpose has been received only very recently. Every district has started online mutation operations at least in two talukas as pilot work. As on 1 April 1the state has implemented online mutation operations in all talukas.

Objectives of the e-Dhara System The primary objective of the computerisation of land record project was to achieve complete computerisation of land records across the state. Elimi- nation of manual records, computer-controlled mutation process Edhara online dating self- sustainability are the leading objectives of e-Dhara. Other objectives of the system include: Reduction in service delivery time, i. Platform Edhara online dating providing more citizen-centric services 5. Ensuring self-sustainability of the system Transformation of Processes Processes are the set activities to be performed in a pre-planned order by authorised entities.

They provide checks and controls to ensure that the ac- tivities are performed in the specified time frame. Any well-designed proc- e-Dhara: Land Records Management System ess will help improve the quality of services QoS and effective flow of information. Processes form the backbone of any system The e-Dhara Land Records Management System is designed on the ba- sis of transformation of manual process for maintaining and updating land records across the state. The revenue administration owns and maintains the data required to produce an RoR. The manual process followed in the pre-implementation stage and the computerised process followed post-e-Dhara implementation are dis- cussed in the following sections.

Issuance of RoR After receiving the application. It provides an insight into value-addition done to improve QoSs provided to citizens. This document is basically used by farmers for land transactions mutations. The following two major processes formed the backbone of the land record system. The signature of the applicant is taken in the RoR issuance register as proof of receipt of the requested computerised RoR. The mutation process involves the following steps: The e-Dhara deputy mamlatdar or any nominated personnel signs and stamps the requested computerised RoR. While requesting for an RoR printout. Manual Process for Mutation When a change of ownership or transaction takes place.

The mutation process involves obtain- ing a consensus from all concerned parties of the transaction and inviting objections from those interested. Once all the objections are cleared. User charges of Rs 15 is collected. A new 8A khata is created. Aggrieved parties may approach the sub-divisional officer SDO. Objections to the mutation raised within 30 days of the notice received is accepted or else the mutation is processed further. Court decree and order of a competent authority are the muta- tion types that do not require notice generation for hearing of objections. According to the resolution. This notice is served to concerned khatedars.

The mamlatdar. Submission of the Mutation Application A written application with related documents is submitted to the talati for the mutation operation. A copy of the notice is displayed at the gram chavadi for public scrutiny. Proceedings in Case an Objection is Raised If any objection is raised during the notice period. Passing Mutation Order If no objections are raised during the notice period. Proceedings if no Objections are Received If objection is not raised during the notice period. The talati verifies the application and takes up the mutation process or else informs applicant for compliance accordingly.

The mutation is processed according to the dispute set- tlement. The talati chooses appropriate mutation type and makes an entry in the muta- tion register. Many of these differ from each other marginally. Issuance of Notice—D The talati prepares the notice. In some cases this leads to land-related disputes. The applicant can submit application to the talati at the village or at an e-Dhara centre. On receipt of application. The updated or newly created RoR now carries this mutation entry number from the VF6 register. Case Studies if required. Mutation application forms are planned to be kept at points of public access like mamlatdar office.

TDO office. Separate application forms are required for separate mutation types. In both cases. He follows up the mutation process. A structured entry is made to direct the computer to log necessary changes in land records as per source-coded business rules. In the village. The e-Dhara deputy mamlatdar verifies and does biometric authentication. Crop Updation A set of complete computerised record is given to the talati as a village record. The operator generates notices from the system and keeps it with the mutation case file.

For crop updation. Old records are kept in a separate file. The business rules for every mutation type are source-coded to effect land records in same logical sense of mutation order. The e-Dhara deputy mamlatdar verifies application details. Land Records Management System The operator enters the basic details into the computer from the applica- tion and generates two copies of acknowledgement receipt from the com- puter. A printout showing preview of likely changes before actually effecting the land records is taken.

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As and when the RoR gets updated in the computer. Scanning of the office copy of notices bearing signatures of all khatedars. This is a unique feature of the e-Dhara system. The talati collects mutation files from the e-Dhara centre. Due to oline unique Edhaea. When the process is completed. The system generates a unique mutation entry number and mutation note. The applicant gets one copy of the receipt. The same competent au- thority approves this print S-form. The operator writes other relevant details. Mutation type Sr. The mutation types processed by the software are as follows: Case Studies operator enters crop details for only those cases that have undergone crop change.

Mutation name No. Person entering as co-partner to produce proof of being a khatedar. If land sale of minor then certificate from certifying authority. Mutation type Document No. In case of agricultural land. Copy of Probate if required.

If sale by affidavit then certificate of Bojha Mukti. Land Records Management System Proof that buyer is a khatedar for purchase of agricultural land. If Bojha exists. RoR issuance 1 Application Application mainly verbal Application not required. Comparison of Manual and Computerised System Sr. Cost is no bar. There is a collection of Rs 1. Case Studies computerised RoR through his representative or talati. Well accepted. Mutation process 1 Application for Written application Compulsory application in Standardise application forms available mutation standardised format.

Standardised list of supporting docu- porting docu. Not done Done by e-Dhara deputy mam. If submitted at with all necessary supporting documents e-Dhara. Mutation not initiated till pendency cleared. Brought by applicant as Applicant is suggested to re. Only application in the prescribed format verification lati verifies. Standard list of documents according to documents specified by talati. Mutation script Standardised mutation text Uniformity across the state. One entry may back date mutation entry. Immediate rectification in case of errors. Applicant can track application status entry number unique mutation entry try number and does not allow by specifying mutation entry number at number.

If submitted at village. Application is accepted. Section of takrari Register and All relevant documents being scanned order scanned in computer is can be used for future reference. Contains all necessary de. Taken by certifying authority Taken by certifying author. Verified was followed.

Eduara everted is important and not trading for life the full-functionality of e-Dhara which is expected now. Encrypting Availability of General Industry Text and Social Forms Mutation application data with a commission of successful documents for muta- tion instrumental should be made feasible at the e-Dhara kendra human to operation- alisation. In enthusiast of agricultural land.

Not verified by e-Dhara deputy mamlatdar. All relevant papers were At e-Dhara kendra. Standardised notice format tion and print tails but no Edahra pattern generated by system. System onlibe scanned order for takrari any Hearing conducted and case Onlinw conducted and case entries before certification by competent resolved resolved. Copy of scanned decision reference builds up repository in the system. VF6 being Edhaara can be used for future sion ity. VF6 Edhara online dating. Recorded in takrari Register. Case Studies Notices Echara important documents and hence are being scanned as permanent evidence.

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