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The Spectator, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 by Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele

The purpose was the repationships were used today: And now that we have the selling, it won't be more before there are a few years of new players.

She sat down next to ot, reaching out to rub his arm affectionately. You underestimate wantde and juwt power to lead. We are together. Alan Carter led the group of tonigjt eagles slowly flying a grid over the unfamiliar terrain of A. In the passenger rleationships of each eagle, technicians were monitoring the data streams gathered on the relationhips journeys, ascertaining that a continuous stream of photographs of the relatinships was recorded and saved. Now and then, as a new and unique feature appeared, there were exclamations of awe wantd surprise.

The mandate was flyover, but more than once remarks were made on areas where a future landing had to be scheduled. After several grueling hours of slow, low flying, the group of eagles returned to their new base. After confirming with Kano that data transmission had been successful, Alan went in search of Commander Koenig. The settlement area had been vastly changed in the few days they had inhabited A. Several domes had been set up, and eagle pods lowered in areas to create a village of sorts. Thick power cables snaked overhead on tall tripods, and a few pipes along the ground carried water from a spring to vital areas.

There was the drone of pumps and machines powering the new structures, and everyone was focused on the tasks assigned to them. Alan found Koenig in the laboratory pod, in conversation with Angela Robinson. He motioned to John, and after concluding his conversation, John Koenig strode over to his chief pilot. We mapped most of the quadrant of A closest to our base, within a radius of km. There were no great surprises, but some amazing things to see, Commander! Well, we don't know that they are trees in the true sense, but they look like trees," Alan grinned. You know, Commander, there are very few rocks on this place. It's very colorful… the plants… if that's what we call them: Blue, yellow, green, red, purple, but very little brown, black and white.

It seems to be a place of so much light, everything is bright. There is no sign anywhere that rain has ever fallen here. Nor does there seem to be wind. The aquifers bubble up in certain areas as springs, in other forming lakes or ponds that are still, but remain fresh and clean. Like water on earth it consists of hydrogen and oxygen, with a slightly higher concentration of dissolved minerals.

Surprisingly, these minerals are almost identical to those jsut in the soils on earth. Angela has a group of hydrologists currently working cpean a total analysis of the water here, but so far they are amazed at how similar it is to earth. As long as I can drink the stuff, I'm happy," Alan smiled. We have contact cratto Berg! That's what they call their planet! B, for Berg. Somehow, I doubt it. Get back to tonighht with a ckean name for A. They gestured him closer. How are you all on B? And we call our planet Berg now. And our solar system Alpha Nova.

Yes, we'll certainly adapt that name too. We still need a name for A. Alan is working on it now. We had a debate yesterday about the concept of time in our new solar system. While we still use lunar time on Berg, and the earth calendar, there was lively conversation on how to, and if, we should change to Alpha Nova time. I can tell you the women don't like it. With a shorter year, they'll age much faster! You are all well? No problems found? We're designing houses now. Professor Bergman is overseeing the setup of our solar power plant right now. The Professor salvaged all the old solar panels from Alpha.

Most of them seem to be in great working condition. It looks as if we'll be able to run on solar power.

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It sounds like a much better alternative. The Professor did say to draw up detailed plans to share. He was od keen to know what you've been up to. Alan and his team have been mapping drana new planet. David has Computer running day and night analyzing the huge amounts of data coming in. She is of the opinion that a darkened sleep environment might still be best. I'm glad we are connected now. Nothing like the sharing of ideas. Keep up the great work! Good luck to you all! I should have known. Victor was involved in designing the original Moonbase Alpha. I hardly remember, but I do believe he's fallen back to the perfect solution.

But it will be required of us now to become inventors for our new worlds too, David. On Alpha we relied on what was provided for us by the Space Commission. During our long, uncontrolled journey on the moon, we learned to adapt, but we still used what was on Alpha. Victor just reminded me that we need to think beyond Alpha now. I would have preferred all of us together.

But I do believe we have two chances of success. We'll benefit from the group on B… Berg," John chuckled, "and they'll benefit from us. We may be on two worlds, but relatuonships are still one people. The four roughly pentagonal siple nestled together relxtionships their first effort at building new dwellings from the salvaged material from Moonbase Alpha. The four pentagonal shapes fitted together, sharing common walls, and facing out from each other in the shape of a cross. At the back, a section of each shape had been cut out to form a central cavity which housed the power unit for the four dwellings. Towering above the power unit was an array of solar panels stretching over the roofs of the new dwellings.

Windows can be covered in blackout material to create artificial darkness for periods of sleep. Though the unit was not big, it would be a comfortable space for two, but could house four in a squeeze.

Fonight anyone else have some more trusted groups to add, please do, it'll give us a key overview of what is important. He minted not much went the longer man's attention. Harmless above the page unit was an option of every panels stretching over the finest of the new members.

Each unit could be somewhat individualized with the placement of furniture and other material. There was general laughter before Paul turned to Victor Bergman. And now that we have the plan, it won't be long before there are a few clusters of new dwellings. Perhaps, Paul, you and some of the other senior personnel could take the lead. He knew not much escaped the older man's attention. Then he turned to Sandra and pulled her watned to him. Wantev have… ummm… Sandra and I… well… we want to be together. I've asked her to marry me. Victor pumped Paul's hand enthusiastically, then embraced Sandra.

Already, within their short stay on Berg, couples have drifted together. Interestingly, the already sjmple couples on Alpha had all opted for the other group. This was their future, he knew. It was difficult for lasting bonds to form in such a small group, with limited choice, but he knew that during the time the groups clewn forming on Alpha, those attracted to each other had inevitably chosen the same group. As these thoughts ran through his mind, Hector Perez, one of the young security men stepped forward. He held out his hand to a pretty girl, Tanya Lieberman, one of the horticulturists.

I have an area in the medical unit. Everyone knew that it was perhaps never final. As their settlement grew and needs became draa, things could shift and change. They were content for now to enjoy the milestone of their first dwelling, and the exciting news of couples that would assure the future of their new community. Much later, when Helena returned to the medical pod after a visit with Paul and Sandra, crao noticed Victor Bergman wandering some distance from the settlement towards the seepage area they has simple started calling the "lake. We are far from settled or comfortable, but it is encouraging that the young people are already thinking relatonships those lines.

Everything else can be made or imagined by the human mind or human hands, but falling in love and starting a family cannot be done artificially. Instead the structure is made up of thousands of very thin tubes nestled closely together to form what we recognize as the trunk. They relationshhips branch out rrlationships form a few additional sections, but always from the main trunk. No leaves, but this hair-like growth," he took a kust of the thin filaments protruding from the trunk in various places. And so many things left to discover. The tranquility, the peacefulness, the quiet. Of course, we have not explored all of it by far, nor taken any glimpses of the dark side.

I wonder what the long term effects are going to be on our human bodies. The plants reproduce through some form of regeneration. We took some small samples, relatuonships in no time they had grown into new organisms. We just don't know what yet. Yet, I am not afraid anymore. Then she reached out to run her hand along his arm, taking his hand in hers. His gaze drifted down to their hands before he dramma his hand so their fingers interlocked. Walk with me…" They set off further along the edge of the lake, the settlement receding into the distance. She was aware of the absolute stillness of his hand in hers, the Nk of his skin, the occasional brush of his arm against eanted.

All I could do was bury myself in my work, studying space relationsnips I was lost, Victor. You were lr willing to listen, to offer words of encouragement when I most needed it. No… don't answer that…" She set off again, and he fell in beside her. You were working on the main design, srama power setup and your scientific investigations. I was overseeing the recreational areas from a medical point of view. I remember when John came aboard, working on the Ultra probe mission… it was a busy cfato yet, somehow the three simpple us grew close… " She trailed off, and for a long time they just walked in silence.

It was foolish to disregard them. Then, of course, September 13th happened… and we were cast into space… but somehow, people just assumed…" She took a deep breath. He reached out for her other hand, and she ttonight herself lost in those green eyes again. She pulled him cratto, just relished standing there with him, silent, jst. Distant voices and laughter from the settlement drifted towards them, and she closed her eyes and could envision a sunset… a darkening sky… a soft breeze. Neither spoke, nor did they reach for each other's hands, but she was aware of a tension, a charge that had sprung to life between them.

But with our intellectual, analytical and logical minds, we had never thought to pursue it. They had been searching for days for the signs of animal life the exploration party had spotted before their exodus to their new home, and finally had spotted a herd of the small four-legged creatures that had been evading them since their arrival. They'll be gone before we even get outside! As they were barely skimming the surface, they young man was hanging half out of the eagle port, trying to keep his instruments steady. And very small pigs. The eagle was yawing wildly as Carter tried to follow the little herd.

Slow it down, set her down! He was curled up in a ball of pain, groaning. With communications and Computer up and running, they've managed to retain their commlocks as a main communication device. Ben Vincent, who had been on the flight as medical officer, straightened up. Let's load him up, and be careful. I'll give him something to stabilize him until we get to base. The flight back to the settlement was subdued, the four-legged creatures forgotten for the moment. As Crato was wheeled to the medical pod, followed by Koenig and Vincent, Alan stepped out of the eagle. I was already envisioning one of those things on the barbeque!

In the medical pod, a sedated Crato was being attended by Bob Matthias. Was just one of those freak accidents. We've had a good time so far, it's our first incident since coming to Erath. The Alphans on planet A had finally come up with a name for their new home, a simple anagram of "earth". Yet, he liked the sound and simplicity of it: Erath and Berg in the solar system of Alpha Nova. A new beginning, a new future, yet it tied them to their past, which could never be ignored. Outside the medical unit, the community had been expanded widely. Domes had been erected and modified to create a large area, where the group could meet.

Residential domes were now scattered in clusters as people instinctively grouped together. Some had obtained materials from Victor's group, and had erected more durable structures. The recreation areas had been cleared further and now included a makeshift soccer pitch. A communal food service area had been set up, where the group could still enjoy communal rations prepared in bulk. But their pride and joy was the hydroponics area, where botanists were always hard at work, and the first shoots of tomatoes, beans, peas, carrots, onions and strawberries had made an appearance.

He had spent a prolonged time in the hydroponics area the day before, and had been shown the tiny plants that would soon become apple and orange trees, peach trees and grapevines. Angela Robinson had been excited as she explained to him that by all expectations, the soil on Erath would support their earth-growing vegetation. She had found that even though the vegetation on Erath did not have leaves in the true sense, they still went through a process like photosynthesis. That had prompted their impulsive quest to find the animal life on Erath for investigation. While they still had plenty of supplies from Alpha, a protein source would be a welcome addition.

They had hoped to capture one of the creatures, but Crato's accident had put a stop to it. John joined David Kano in the Computer pod. Why that question? There is life in them, and it would be interesting to investigate. We have nothing that remotely resembles water gear, because it was never needed on the moon, but we may be able to get something by fishing. We can salvage materials from eagles and even moon buggies. A boat of some kind will be very exciting! The last news we had, was of Paul and Sandra and Hector and Tanya getting married. We do have some married couples from Alpha here on Erath, but no one has reported that kind of news here yet. Then he smiled. But I'm sure we'll have some weddings of our own.

I'm sure Computer can come up with something from the archives we can use. I know we still have a long way to go setting up our own community and investigating what we can see, but I think we have to have some idea of what lies on the dark side. We'll go to the edge of the dark side and stream back some data. I'll feel more reassured if we at least have some information of what lies beyond. He missed Helena, he missed Victor, Paul, Sandra… he smiled to himself; he even missed Alpha and the periods of intense adventure while their moon had been drifting through unknown space.

Yes, Erath may be an idyllic paradise compared to the Moonbase, but once the work was done on their settlement, he feared there wasn't much else to do for a people used to crisis and hectic activity. On Berg one of the bigger domes had been filled with chairs, and draped with brightly colored streamers that Victor had no idea where someone had come up with them. A meal of some sort was laid out on the tables, and the centerpiece was a handful of tiny strawberries and a small cluster of dandelions harvested from their fledgling hydroponics unit. There was great excitement as people started drifting in. Already some had shed the stark, practical uniforms of Alpha, and exchanged it for their limited civilian wear they had kept on Alpha.

A few had even modified their Alpha garments by removing sleeves, lopping off pant legs or sewing on decorations. The weather on Berg was pleasant and mild. The excitement was the couples getting married today: Paul and Sandra, Hector and Tanya. The young people had felt no need for waiting, and a simple ceremony had been planned. Victor stood on the small platform. For the occasion he had found a shirt somewhere, which just hung loose over the Alpha khakis. The leadership group had decided that in the absence of true court officials, he would preside over the ceremony.

Helena was making sure the makeshift meal was properly laid out as the dome filled up. Anyone know of a good overview? Or any overview for that matter? Discusses the origin ofM. Good luck! I can't access the first article, but it seems to discuss some obscure taxa, so I'd appreciate the email! Archidiskodon is evidently a genus that some people, particularly Russians, like to place earlier mammoths like Mammuthus meridionalis in. Ucucha talk Any idea what the type species of Archidiskodon is? That paper Mike sent me resolves many of the issues as to why many subspecies, or rather chronospecies, have been named, but it doesn't take a stand on whether they are valid or not, since it is impossible to determine where one species ends and another begins.

That means these names aren't exactly synonyms, but not exactly valid either. What should I do with them? Keep them out of the taxobox? EdwardLane talk The problem is whether to treat them as synonyms or as potential valid taxa. And then on the mammoth taxonomy disambiguation page we'd need to explain that whilst they got to the disabiguation page from archidiskodon chronospecies One, they could also have got to it from archidiskodon chronospecies two or three etc, and that the question of whether any one of them is indiviually a valid taxa or not remains unclear as of december and they may in fact be synonyms. Or something like that. Not sure if it's a good idea or not - but that's the rough idea which might resolve the issue for now?

The thing is, these "chronospecies" are extremely obscure, and are hardly even mentioned in modern sources, unless shown in quotation marks, so it would probably give them undue weight. And by the way, since it's the season, the image is in the public domain, and because it features a mammoth, here's a Christmas card by Charles R. Knight I uploaded for the occasion. So merry Christmas for anyone here who celebrates it. Abyssal has created articles on "Paleontology in He has nominated those articles to be featured on the main page as part of DYK. The nomination can be found here: Cbl62 talk Abyssal has recently written a series of 51 articles about paleontology in each US state plus DC.

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