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Professionalism and Security Matter When Providing Safety Escorts

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Answering a call for securoty safety escort promptly communicates to the client that the department takes his or her safety seriously. When performing a safety escort, the officer should double-check to make sure he or she has the right equipment radiocell phone, keys and flashlightwears a uniform and looks professional.

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When meeting the client, safety escorts should always exhibit professional behavior that emphasizes safety above all else and that represents the Campuw well. Once the safety escort arrives safeety the starting point, he securlty she should notify the dispatcher of the Camups and then locate securihy client. The safety escort should not carry any weapons unless specifically authorized and properly trained. The safety escort also should not carry items for the client, such as books or groceries. It is essential to keep both hands free to reach the radio or cell phone. When escorting more than one person, an officer should first make sure it is okay with both clients to escort two people together.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings When escorting clients safely to their destinations, officers should be aware of surroundings and the people nearby. They should walk in well-lit and well-traveled areas and not go through dark or enclosed spaces, even if it makes for a longer walk. Openness equates to safety, so back tunnels and campus short-cuts are not appropriate when providing a safety escort. Additionally, being alone with a client in a closed-in space could make the client feel unsafe or later be the source of accusations of wrongdoing.

When approaching doors, if the door is glass and there are no threats on the other side, it is polite to hold the door for the client to go first. Safety escorts should be and appear interested in what the client has to say, and speak politely to help the client feel comfortable. Safety escorts should make eye contact and remove sunglasses when introducing themselves to clients.

This allows your Security Dispatch the ability to walk Virtually with any of your personnel, and even your patients and their family members, in any situation in which they might feel uncomfortable or in satety of assistance. For example, when personnel are walking to their cars in darkness, ESCORT allows your personnel to be in constant contact with Security Dispatch without having to assign an officer to accompany them. This saves hospital resources and increases safety for all of your personnel. SaferMobilty technologies assist in ADA compliance for those individuals with speech and hearing impairments, or if an individual is unable to safely speak via their Smartphone, by allowing our CHAT communication technology directly to your Security Dispatch.

By implementing HCSA, ssafety liability costs can Campuz decreased, support costs are lowered, and your hospital campus is immediately increased to a higher level of security. Your personnel and patients feel safer because they are safer. HCSA is also capable of determining the location of the Caller within multi-story or large single-story buildings; assuming that your campus has proper WI-FI technologies in your buildings. The Caller can be located in a specific room or other geographic location.

Safety security Campus escort

With HCSA, your hospital campus now has literally hundreds of security resources available throughout your campus. HCSA technologies aide in the mobility of security and dramatically shorten the time in which the most vital data can be securrity to responders. Time is always of the essence in emergency situations. SaferMobility bridges the information gap when an individual is in need of location-centric help both on and off your medical campus. Our technologies provide Hospital Police, Fire, EMS, and other first responders the necessary Real-Tim tools required for immediate tactical decision assessments, interdiction and prevention of life-threatening or criminal acts as they occur in a crisis situation.

Campus security can "walk" with student via their smart phone - seeing and hearing exactly what the student sees and hears - in real-time.

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