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How it came to be named is a strange tale and provides a fascinating snapshot of Ireland's violent religious history, the suppression of monasteries ordered by Henry VIII, and the unwielding desire of a group of women to follow their Catholic faith. Put simply, a Catholic convent so near the seat of power could not be tolerated. The nuns were banished from the capital and considered themselves lucky not to have been exiled out of the country. The Mother Abbess, Cecily Dillon, now had 19 postulants and she decided to head west to land owned by her family. According to local historian, Gearoid O'Brien, and previous studies carried out by Liam Cox, the site of her new convent on the shores of Lough Ree was chosen because of its isolation and remoteness to strangers as well as its proximity to relatives and friends.

They called their new home Bethlehem. They lived a harsh life of devotion in the convent with a thatched roof. They never ate Independent escort bethlehem pa or wore shoes and kept a code of virtual silence except for a strict regime of prayer. Yet despite the harsh condition of self enforced poverty, more young women, many the daughters of wealthy landowners, continued Independent escort bethlehem pa arrive. At one stage more than 60 women were living in Bethlehem. They decided to spread their wings and set up a new Convent in Drogheda but they had to abandon their new base because of the rebellion in October and the nuns in Drogheda fled south to Waterford. But back in Bethlehem the nuns had other expansionist plans despite the dangerous times.

At the time the English garrison in Athlone was under siege by the Confederate forces headed by James Dillon. It took the arrival of several regiments of battle hardened troops from England to lift the seige. Food was scarce and a famine loomed. Discipline among the occupying forces disintegrated and the English soldiers began plundering the surrounding countryside. Word reached the nuns that the marauding soldiers, accompanied by their wives were on their way and the nuns fled across the lake to safety. It is said that the drunken soldiers, desecrated the convent before torching the settlement but there was harsh vengeance awaiting them.

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