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The League: Invite-only dating app draws wait...

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To find out if upgrading is worth it, I talked to dating app makers about what their data shows and asked daters to share their personal upgrade experiences. How a paid upgrade can help For some people, there are real benefits to upgrading.

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Dating apps are always pushing you to upgrade to a paid version. Kristie Colorado, a transportation planner in New York, says paying to upgrade her dating app has been worth it. The year-old first started using free Tinder after a break up in college and upgraded to paid in Start with your profile photo. Same goes for your written profile.

The league raises dating app Invite 21 million only

Not sure what to add? Take a few minutes to list some of your interests and give potential matches an idea of what you care about or how you spend your free time. A clever bio is one of the best ways to strike up a conversation, suggested Williamson, which can lead to a date down the line. Unlike its main dating app competitors, Hinge and Tinder, The League relies heavily on LinkedIn data moreso than Facebook data to investigate its aspiring members. Once a user downloads the app, they are prompted to join a waitlist which in some cities can beusers long before being able to officially use the service.

The League has an acceptance algorithm that then scans social networks LinkedIn and Facebook to ensure applicants are in the right age group and are career oriented.

Once accepted, users can then browse through a handful of matches that are offered to the user. Rajses Creation: The League is a multi-sided platform, connecting consumers interested in dating with each other and advertisers millkon a source of young professional consumers. The app creates value by providing an exclusive platform for users to browse and learn about the variety of single individuals in their respective location and to connect with these individuals via a chat function on the app if both users have already indicated that they are interested in each other and ultimately in an in-person date off of the app.

Value Capture: The League operates as a freemium model. Users can choose to become League Members and pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for an increased number of daily prospects, friend request capability, receipt of VIP passes to give friends priority, and other perks such as read receipt functionality, profile feedback, and first round invitations to League social events. Furthermore, The League captures value through click through advertising revenues.

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