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Alluring Fitness Divas January 27, Our first alluring diva is Womej, a former National Fitness and Figure Competitor who placed first in the USA NPC Championships, and the next diva goes by the name Toni Antoinette Marie who inadvertently got tossed into the previous post on Russian muscle girls which unfortunately I could not edit out, so here she is to correct the record. I especially don't like women who've got skinny thighs and no butts.

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When she did wear cut-offs or biker shorts? Our final entry is a vampire muscle girl showing off her fangs and muscles, gotta watch out for those Romanian roids… More Found Treasure January 30, Some more eye candy from professional dominatrix, fetish model, bodybuilder Mistress Treasure, from one of her model shoots over at the now defunct Kaos Kittens website. They're all very attractive in the face, and quite a few of them don't look at all like the steroid abusers out there. I just have to say the opposite!

Bara is a Czech amateur with muscles made of steel who is the new model at Czech Casting. Muscpe the women in these pics look terrific in my view. I wish there was more information on who they are and where the pictures came from. We all have different tastes, but still, I wonder why some men are attracted to women who are weak physically.

Pics Muscle women

Random Russians January 23, A shout-out and salute to picx the muscle girls of Russia. I love all sorts of women Any guys that say they don't think a fit toned girl is sexy is full of shit. She got a LOT of compliments and guys checking out her legs. It just makes her a woman with muscles!

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