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Energy and Information Technologies in the Southeast, Secondly, thoughts may arise concerning wahib the nature In this paper, we have highlighted the rise of the need for standard metrics to assess and measure the quality of responses produced by systems of different approaches and domain. For each category.

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Sahib, categories Thesis

Table V neatly shows how each of the categories of for Cooperative Question Answering. The classification is done based on the manual ob- of questions that can sufficiently examines the response servation by evaluators who are guided by the criteria of generation strength of all systems under categories. The author oversimplified that consists of categories to encompass all possible matters by equating the ability of understanding to mere types of response from all systems under evaluation. References [1] Hermjakob, U. Understanding and Advanced Reasoning. Characteristics of the two approaches in ques- or query collection, asses sments have to be binary where tion answering answers can only be classified as correct and incorrect and assessments would be heavily skewed by corpus, Dimen - Shallow natural language Natural language making the results not translatable from one domain to sion processing and information understanding and another.

But, we would like the [10] Srivastava, A. Grouping of responses into categories have selected three question answering systems that represent different level of response generation complexity Next, using these codes, the evaluators will try to ob- namely AnswerBus, START and NaLURI. The condi- follows:

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