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Setting up Your WooCommerce Store Before you can start selling, there are a few things like currency, payments, and shipping information that you need to set up. WooCommerce needs few essential pages for cart, account, shop, and checkout. You can click on the continue button to automatically create these pages.

This will bring you to the next step. Now you will need to tell WooCommerce where your store is located and which currency and unit measures to use. After selecting your location and currency, click on the continue button to move on. Next, you need to enter shipping and tax information. WooCommerce can be used to sell both digital downloads and physical goods that need shipping. You need to check the box if you will be shipping goods, or you can leave it unchecked if you will only be selling digital goods. Next you need to answer the tax question. WooCommerce can help you automatically calculate and add taxes to your prices.

If you are not sure, then you can leave it unchecked. You can always add tax information later from WooCommerce settings. Click on the continue button to move on. Next, you will be asked to choose a payment method for your online store.

There are many other payment methods available for WooCommerce which you can install later if you need. The easiest way to accept payment is using PayPal Standard. Simply enter your PayPal email address and click on interet continue button. A lot of statt including us, use both PayPal and Stripe. Wesite using Stripe, you allow your users to enter their credit card information on the checkout page without having to leave your site and going to PayPal. You can setup Stripe by following the instructions on the WooCommerce screen. In a nutshell — without a web hosting and a domain name, your website will NOT exist. Where do I register a domain name and get web hosting?

Full disclosure: I earn a commission if you end up purchasing Bluehost through my referral links in this guide. This helps me to keep WebsiteSetup up and running and up-to-date. Thanks for your support.

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sebsite Use this link to get a free domain for the first year with your hosting. They hkokup also one of the most popular hosting providers on the market, so they are definitely well-established and secure enough to host your website. Although most of their servers are based in the US, they can handle a lot of traffic from across the world. As someone who lives in Europe, I still prefer to use them.

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Already have a domain name and hosting? Use this link to activate it. Whichever you choose, you can later upgrade or downgrade based on your needs. For example: Domain names usually end with. Internet Only and VOIP If you don't have land line phone service with CenturyLink, walk around the house unplug all equipment that is connected to the same line as your Internet. Disconnect all devices connected to your line, except the modem. Find a location for your modem Where you decide to place your modem can affect its performance. As with most electronic equipment, pick a place that has good air circulation and that won't get too hot.

If electronic components get excessively hot, they don't typically work well and may break. Connect the power cord Plug in the power cable that came with your modem. Plug one end of the power cord into a power outlet. Plug the other end of the power cord into the back of the modem. Wait 2 to 3 minutes for the power light to turn solid green. In conclusion Here's what we've covered: These internet access services are generally of two types: The device and method you choose for getting online, really depends on the type of environment you wish to be using the internet in your home, or out and aboutplus how your want to use the internet and how frequently.

So there you have it. Hopefully, this has given you enough awareness and basic knowledge to be able to make your first moves towards getting online, and using the internet.

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