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DllMain entry point

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On the Roof of the World. It is not portable and caller why Qt documentation advises against it. It works just fine on Windows. The main thread is not magic -- not on Windows.

Dllmain not called dating Qt

Cocoa on OS X is clumsy in a way and makes it impossible, apparently: Note dllmsin if the application that loads the DLL already uses Qt, then there's nothing further for you to do. Updated internal information about known OS versions, build numbers, and flags up to the Dtaing RC1 build. What was New in Version 2. Support for Datjng versioning of modules. Detection of dllmain loaded modules, including details about which module actually called LoadLibrary to dynamically load the module. Detection of dynamically called functions, including details about which module actually called GetProcAddress to obtain the function address.

Detection of delay-load dependencies. Support for bit Windows modules. The system calls the entry-point function of all currently loaded DLLs with this value. The call is made in the context of the exiting thread. To get extended error information, call GetLastError. Remarks DllMain is a placeholder for the library-defined function name. You must specify the actual name you use when you build your DLL. For more information, see the documentation included with your development tools. During initial process startup or after a call to LoadLibrarythe system scans the list of loaded DLLs for the process.

This call is made in the context of the thread that caused the process address space to change, such as the primary thread of the process or the thread that called LoadLibrary. This is insufficient, however, because the semantics of a class can change. A bug fix for one application may result in the removal of a feature from another. Before WindowsWindows was vulnerable to this because the COM class table was shared across all users and processes. If any program needed to create an instance of that class, it got whatever was the current centrally registered implementation. As a result, an installation of a program that installed a new version of a common object might inadvertently break other programs that were previously installed.

DLL stomping[ edit ] A common and troublesome problem occurs when a newly installed program overwrites a working system DLL with an earlier, incompatible version. Early examples of this were the ctl3d. Microsoft-created libraries that third-party publishers would distribute with their software, but each distributing the version they developed with rather than the most recent version. Microsoft in the past distributed runtime DLLs as shared system components [3] originally C: Consequently, third-party developers also distributed these in such a manner.

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