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Afterlife: An Ex-Priest's Story

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Priests Datign Are Homosexual I have known I priewt gay Datinb the time I was four years old, even though I could not articulate it to myself, let alone anyone else. I thought everyone felt the prriest as I did, but gradually as I grew up and then Datnig to school and observed others, I realized slowly over time that I was different. And so did my classmates when I reached a certain age because I did not have, nor have any desire to have, a "girlfriend. I became an altar boy at the tender age of seven and noticed immediately the profound respect I had from the older people in the parish that I never had before.

When I announced to my classmates at an early age that I thought I wanted to be a priest, it helped to stop the ribbing at least from the Catholic onesnow; at least, they saw a reason why I stayed away from girls. When I entered minor diocesan seminary with other students, we were surrounded by men who gave us an attention, respect, and honor that I had never experienced before. Never once did they question my sexuality or make me feel uncomfortable. Within the Roman Catholic priesthood, a high percentage of bishops and priests are bisexual or homosexual. One should not be surprised at this. The seminary environment is, itself, conducive to nurturing the emotional needs of homosexual men.

From the moment a man enters the seminary, he is surrounded by men and expected to associate primarily with men throughout his formation.

From the time a prirst enters the priesy and throughout his priesthood, special friendships with women are discouraged and often perceived as scandalous, while associations with males are, of course, acceptable. Eyebrows are raised if a priest goes out to lunch with a woman, but he can live with other men and vacation with other priests with no questions asked. If he is gay, this is also a drawing card, as it would be for a heterosexual priest if the situation were reversed and he could freely, without raising any eyebrows or suspicion, associate with women. In no way do we want to imply that an all male environment influences men to become homosexual, because sexual orientation is genetically predetermined.

An priest Dating ex

However, within a male environment, it is priesf easier for a homosexual or bisexual man to have his intimacy pfiest met than it is for a heterosexual man. Because homosexual relationships are frowned upon in most areas of society, welcomed in very few ez completely rejected in others, Prist priesthood is, and has been throughout the history of mandated celibacy, a Datingg for gay men. But, there is another reason why gay men are attracted to preist priesthood, they are very good at it. Pgiest our years in the priesthood, we found homosexual priests prist be some of the most pastorally gifted and successful people in ministry and learned to respect them deeply.

Although it is easier for gay priests to have their intimacy needs met, they risk priedt ridicule if their sexual orientation becomes public knowledge. Instead, they appear to be ashamed of these priests and attempt to deny their existence. Some cardinals, rpiest, bishops and priests in ecclesiastical offices responsible for homophobic polices are themselves gay, which shows to what degree they will sacrifice their integrity in order to maintain their power. The history of the Church indicates that even some eex have been homosexual. The hierarchy is rpiest aware of the high number priets homosexuals that minister within their ranks. Sadly, their policy has been to be dishonest and deny it.

Gay priests are also expected to join in this falsehood and be dishonest about who they are. Their outlook exemplifies an Augustinian view where sexual orgasm is perceived as a defiling act rendering the priest impure. This sick, medieval view of sexuality is the heart of the problem and the foundation upon which mandatory celibacy rests. My moral theology teacher in the seminary taught that masturbation or even so much as thinking about it with delight was serious sin. My professor summed it up in these words: The message that came through to us seminarians was: Teaching such as this is psychologically damaging and harmful to healthy sexual integration.

A priest who is gay and has transitioned created a blog intended to be a safe place where gay or bisexual priests currently serving or have served in the Church, can find support. This blog is intended to allow a healing process to exist, whereby priests can find understanding, hope and a sense of peace. Here is an article from a courageous priest announcing that he is gay. The Experience of Romantic Love in the Heart of a Priest The experience of falling in love is overwhelming for anyone, but especially for a priest. He risks losing his job, home, health insurance and, sadly in some dioceses, his retirement.

On top of all this is the fear of spiritual condemnation by the Church who claims to wield the power of God Himself. Even though they know this, most priests still yearn for a significant other with whom they can have a close, intimate relationship. If gay, they long for a male, and if straight, a female companion who will see beyond the curtain of their professional lives into their hearts and embrace them with tenderness, nurture and unconditional love. Their primary desire is not for sex, but for the warmth, tenderness and nurture that a healthy relationship of love offers. Unfortunately, mandated celibacy makes all of this "sinful", or at least, the near occasion of sin, which priests are trained to avoid.

It is true that there are priests who are primarily looking for sexual gratification and are willing to use others for this purpose. But these priests are emotionally troubled and do not represent the majority. Those who have been recipients of their abuse would call them criminals and possibly even attempt to sue them or their diocese or religious order for their behavior.

Mandated celibacy can and often does attract dysfunctional men who are emotionally and sexually confused. But it is also a product of the environment in which priests live for all the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph of this section above. A priest in love must keep it hidden and often the first person he tries to hide it from is himself. What love he is able to show cannot be overt, and like a schoolboy he is awkward trying to express it, feels shame if anyone notices it, and if asked would strongly deny it exists. What is going on in his heart is euphoric and at the same time frightening. I used to pray at night.

Now I just thank God for the good things that happened that day, the little things too. Compassion is what Jesus preached over and over in the bible.

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Love your child, your family, your friends, and even strangers—the priest can never take that away from you. Time is your friend, and also your enemy, because with it comes certain death. But it will also give you the greatest gift: However, time without light will not help you. Jesus speaks in the bible of the ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in nature and seemingly small things as a path to salvation. Sometimes a life-altering event such as leaving the Catholic Church or a breakup or a death can cause a spiritual awakening. Rather, an individual is most likely to allow a spiritual awakening in themselves at a turning point in their lives.

If this happens, it usually only lasts if it is woven into your life in a way that is not ostentatious. It may come immediately or occur over time, but if it is showy or false or a defense mechanism, it will not last—once the suffering has abated, the spiritual awakening and the ability to see the sacred in small things will be lost. There is a bible verse that has always stayed with me, that I read while at mass. After the wind there was Dating an ex priest earthquake--but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After the fire there was a tiny whispering sound. It is a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it.

This is true of any suffering, actually. Even the expected death of a grandparent in your early adulthood signifies a deep loss and although you will move on from it and think about it less and less, there is a hole there that will be felt at moments—perhaps several years later—and cause both suffering and a spiritual presence. It is a major reason why many priests do not leave the institution to marry—they feel that they would jeopardize their own soul as well as the soul of their beloved. A priest will often be so convinced of this that he actually believes he is showing far more love for the woman by remaining a priest than he would if he married her.

We tried to be there without being visible. And mainly were. I was a New Testament scholar teaching at Yale, Indiana, and Emory universities, yet for almost 25 years no Catholic parish or organization invited me to speak. Was it good for me to preach in Protestant churches and teach in dozens of Protestant communities in Connecticut and Indiana and eventually around the country? Yes, and I hope it was helpful to them as well. But I had no way to be a positive presence within my own communion. Only with the publication of "The Real Jesus," a broadside against "historical Jesus" research that was also a defense of a robust Christology, did that situation begin to change.

Suddenly, I began to be invited to address Catholic audiences. I was shocked to have been invited to the Eucharistic Congress in Washington this October. A moment that changed me: Dermot might have returned, but these men should stay away for their dignity. Some will see the return of married priests as a victory over harsh Catholic rules — maybe in time it will be — but for men who will be asked to return now, it is an affront to their marriages. The pope will want these men to give up their lives again; not because the church suddenly recognises the value of their relationships, but because it is desperately low on priests.

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