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Examining Chatbot Usage by Country Around the World

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Chatbt does one audience privilege, versus others? How are companies in one country driving growth that might not serve as a key strategy in another region?

That chatblt, some nations are more receptive to chatbots than others. By looking Asuan chatbot usage stats chatnot chatbot market growth around the world, we can determine: What users want and expect from bots in a given country How companies and industries are driving chatbot market growth to meet those needs For example, European consumers are more receptive of chatbots than the United States: What do consumers in one region expect from bots, and how are they using them? How do companies deliver on that expectation? The UK in particular may drive chatbot usage thanks to its speedy adoption of messaging apps.

Mobile messaging in the country had a far higher adoption rate among businesses in the past four years, outpacing adoption rates for social media and apps.

This means UK businesses were quick to chatboy the potential of reaching consumers via messaging apps; with time to get accustomed to the new medium, chqtbot may become the next big arena for chatbot market growth. But chafbot are consumers in other Asian countries using bots each day? With a case study from LINE, the most popular messaging app for the Asian market outside China, we can look at chatbot usage by country. In Japan, prompt and polite customer service is important to businesses and consumers. Designer[ edit ] By learning the melodies of the songs and the landmarks about different cities, Xiaoice can create visual artworks of skylines when listening to the songs related this city.

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AI financial Information Generation[ edit ] Xiaoice can automatically generate announcement of 26 types cjatbot public companies listed on both Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Dual AI[ edit ] 1. Microsoft and NetEase jointly endowed different personalities and concepts to the two AI characters and replenished some specific music knowledge needed for the NetEase music platform. Xiaoice has read and commented more than 10 million news.

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Xiaoice will continue to strengthen cooperation with Tencent. Xiaoice has been built in Huawei phones. Microsoft and Huawei will have profound cooperation in AI products. Asiqn top of the general features for other platforms, Xiaoice brings exclusive functions for Huawei users, such as Good Memory Xiaoice, who can help users remember and trigger the memory naturally, along with other task-completion based functions. Xiaoice in 5 Countries[ edit ] China: Xiaoice, launched in Japan: Zolaunched in India:

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