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Like most cattaraugud urban legends some fact is always present to make the vaalue palatable to the majority of people. In this article we hope to end some of those urban legends and present the facts associated with the misunderstood and under appreciated Q knives. At the start of World War Two it is a known fact that the U. In fact a war this large had never been fought before or for that fact ever since.

Knives value cattaraugus Dating

Many new ventures would be engaged in to meet the production demands of such a large force. Knives were but one aspect of the new style war to be fought. It became immediately known that the U. To meet this demand it was decided to use whatever style could be put into immediate production. The early Marine Corps Raider knives were nothing more then Camillus hunting knives quickly popped out and sent to the newly formed group. Along these same lines the portion of the military tasked with purchasing all types of supplies was the Quartermaster Corps. The Army had their own Quartermaster Corps as did the Navy, both of which cooperated but were usually tasked with much different problems.

In this specific task they were both looking for the same type of vendor to produce an item in great need by all branches of the services. Fast production was needed so a style of construction was chosen which would lead to little changes needed by the producing factories. This was a simple matter in choosing a stacked leather handle that had been in continuous production since at least the turn of the century. Other then that simple order any six inch bladed hunting knife would do. Our good friend Carter Rila has made a great distinction between somewhat common words that will come into play with these knives.

Valye distinguishes the word "type" and "pattern" for just such an occasion. A "pattern" is a knife made to a specific design, subtle differences are known to exist but the knife generally follows a pattern. A classic example would be a common USN Mark 2 knife. A "type" is a knife purchased for a specific general task but not following a specific pattern. A classic example of a type is the USN Mark 1 knife. A five inch bladed hunting knife that vxlue fit a similar scabbard. The first fixed blade knives procured were of the "type" designation. A six-inch bladed hunting knife with stacked leather handle. Right on the heels of the earliest procurements the Quartermaster Corps standardized on a design for the six-inch bladed knives and we find ourselves switching over to a "pattern" knife, the well-known Q knives.

We all know the military likes standardization so it was only a matter of time until this happened. The Bill of Materials for knives included lbs. Carbon content to be not less the 1. A later Bill of Materials was issued to Case with the knife designated No. These procurements were handled by the Jefferson City Quartermaster Depot, which had control over most of the cutleries in the Northeast U. We list the above as absolute proof that the Q knives were Quartermaster designed and procured for military issue. But you say we already knew that, it is part of that myth you were talking about.

Well we still have more to the story. Next we move on to contracts. If the knives were officially procured by the military there must be a trail of contracts to follow. In many cases the factories that made the knives no longer exist and of those that do, much of the old paperwork was thrown away. They are not in the history business; they make knives for a living.

Champlin's son Beginning, 21 was not political in Maryland with the User Corps. He tankers the time "type" and "leaving" for payment such an active. Carbon content to be not less the 1.

It sure is good to see your typeface, my friend! And, my! What a splendid looking vintage Case XX knife you have found. From your pictures it would appear that the blades are full, or nearly so. And those beautiful yellow I love yellow! At least not on the side that's showing. If you plan to carry and use it, then I can see no reason not to buff it up a bit. By all means! Utilizing an age-old process, Case Artisans have recreated the Red Stag handle. This is still Genuine India Stag, giving each knife its own unique character and texture. Genuine India Stag. Nothing else feels like it. Nothing else looks like it. Except Case's new Burnt Prime Stag. Prime Stag is specially selected for it's deep ruts and character with a beauty and rugged look and feel that is unmatched.

These knives are as worthy of reverence as they are to be used.

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