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hakodats The snow has piled up but at one of i buildings, the entrance has been shoveled; rather than it being in business, it's as if someone is living there, though there are no lights on. The place used to be busy, but now it is closed and the snow has piled up. With my head hanging low, I took the taxi to a place where there was supposedly two sex salons but all I could see were bars on this cold, moonlit night. The place is called "Shonben Yokocho," or piss ally, and there are colorful lights being reflected from the lineup of shops. It was like a movie that came out of the Showa-era.

I haven't been down this alley in 10 years. I had been hoping to see some sex shops but can't even find a trace. Very disappointing. Not only in Hakodate, but the back door fuzoku in Sapporo had vanished. I drive and own a car and a dirtbike, I'm not a bum haha. I am not the typical chick, I am who I am and I like that. I do not want anyone to think that they can change me. I am strong and independant! I am looking for a strong and independant man to get to know. I would like to meet someone over 21 years old, and hopefully that country gentleman who treats a lady with respect. If you ride that would be a plus! I would love to go ride with you: If you are at all interested in me, please email me back.

But if I am not, thank you for looking!. Oh and a couple more. And oh yeah, I just remembered- after that we had some beers. To cut a long story short, by the time we finished I was so tanked up I think my lifetime rolled back 5 generations and I started speaking in Olde English about Robin Hood. When we walked in they were playing some half-decent Euro-pop through the speakers, and the dance floor was already heaving with bodies. I saw this sexy thing with a heart-shaped face, spectacles and a body that had me salivating. And so, I clicked my fingers, and the hip-hop jungle beat came in.

No, in fact, the way I did meet her was kind of through one the guys who had come along from Kushiro. Waste not want not, and all that, and since we were only fair-weather friends anyway, in the city for a single night, it was every man for himself. She was barely out of her teens, and oh so dangerously cute. Having studied in Canada for a couple of years, she spoke English with a touch of an Avril Lavigne twang to her accent. It would have sounded awful coming from a more mature face, but for her it seemed well suited. She had a sweet and friendly disposition, and a ring of innocence together with a manner of open sexuality and warmth.

I was hooked from the word go. And I think that she was too.

But Strawberry stayed on my mind hakodzte a while, and I was pleasantly surprised that only a couple of days later when I got a Fid from her in the post. It was your usual chit-chat, but there was an undercurrent of something in her words. I got her on the phone and we would talk for a little while every night, almost as if we were a couple. A couple of weeks passed and crazy as it seemed, my feelings for her after just that one night were growing pretty heavy.

She seemed smoothed aback, but not in a bad way. I got her on the event and we would argue for a little while every day, almost as if we were a potential.

She was maddeningly hot. That sexy cute voice on the phone every night was driving me wild. I gakodate Hungry-- Like The Wolf. Being that Hakodate was her home fuc, I knew that she had a bit of hakodatf coming up between the end of her studies and her return, and then it was off to Canada. So on a whacky impulse, I asked her one night how she would feel about coming up to Kushiro for a week and living in the dump with me. Honestly, the things a man will do for poon…. But doing it alone is a killer. Yet, hornier than an ugly midget, it came to me begging my comrades for the wheels that weekend, and I was fortunate to get them for as little as a weeks worth of washing the dishes.

And with that promise made, I was set.

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