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Here are the three most multiplee touching techniques mutiple women liked the most after their first orgasm. Try them in bed tonight for round two. Of the women who reported multiple orgasms in the study, about 34 percent of them said that continuing with the same kind of stimulation felt best after their first orgasm. In fact, the average man takes anywhere from three to seven minutes to climax, while the average woman requires anywhere from 10 to 20—a discrepancy researchers call "the arousal gap.

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Female-focused foreplay is one of the best techniques because it allows you to start down the excitement path earlier than him, which leads us to… 3. Let them lavish you with pleasure. Your partner wants nothing more than to see you orgasm once or twice don't worry, if it's a guy, he'll catch up! If you want to experience the thrills, give yourself permission to be the star of the sexual experience.

Multiple orgasm Best

Help them with hand work. Sequential multiple: Each orgasm occurs two to 10 minutes apart, with minimal reduction in arousal in between. Think of this type as a pearl choker with very little chain between each pearl. Serial multiple: Orgasms are separated by seconds or just a minute. This gives him access to your G-spot like whoa, and gives you space to play with your clit for maximum pleasure. Oral Sex, Baby! If multiple orgasms are the name of the game, then you've got to get him to go down on your for an extended period of time.

A nice oral sex session takes the pressure off of him to stay hard throughout your multiples, and saves your vagina a lot of wear and tear. Multiples orgasms are great, but so is being able to walk. Yep, have you hands tied or cuffed and let your partner take total control. But instead of straddling both their legs, just straddle one. This gives you even more fine-tune quality control, and also allows you to grind against their leg for additional clitoral stimulation. So how do you help her become one of the lucky ones? Here are steps you can take to try and give her multiple orgasms.

Some women would rather cuddle after climaxing than be pressured into an encore.

Plus, women differ dramatically in regard to how they can achieve one orgasm, let alone multiple orgasms, so it's possible she may ofgasm too sensitive to want to go again for Round Two. Always check in with her before trying to make her come again, and never make her feel bad if she can't pull off a repeat performance. Building up desire is a precursor to any sexual activity.

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