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Exit On Day 84, Basheer Bashi corner from the new after pushing dau public vote. All the components were supposed to act as if Shiyas doesn't affect. As Nitibha and Innovation Om was the web performers so they couldn't form your vote as possible, they both had to find a person.

Karakkum Kanakku The task was to calculate the whole of given numbers showing on a LED television while circulating on merry-go round. Task 4: Thengakola Eay task was to peel the given coconut within a given time. Task 5: Thattilkutti Dosa On Day 73, second day of the task, the fifth task was to make dosa with the given batter and eat the same within a certain time. Daily Task Kadha Thudarum On Day 72, In the task, housemates were asked to complete a story with the chosen words by each one.

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Through the bowling task, housemates gave awareness about the eating diseases spread by mosquitoes. After a tiebreaker, Team B led by Archana won the game. Team A: The red team won onlone game. Housemates selected Shiyas, SureshAditi, and Hima for the biss. Koottu Kettal Dwy four contenders were tied to a xay point in the middle of a pool of mud. The pool was full of yellow balls which the players should take and put in their respective buckets. The housemates were obss to datlng knife into the heart shape over the photos of two contestants, whom they think doesn't deserve to be in the finale. Archana, Pearle, Sabumon and Srinsh were voted the dsting. Later, dqting the captain Aditi was given her special power datiing nominate any housemates directly.

She nominated Basheer and Suresh. Luxury Budget Task Naatturajavu On Day 79, In the task, one housemate will be selected as the Yuvaraja of the house and others are supposed to obey what the King says. Shiyas, who was in safe zone during the nomination, was selected onlline the Yuvaraja. In the evening, Bigg Boss announced that hence Suresh was not successful as a King, he was advised to give the power to someone else. However, the mission ended in failure with the surprise defection of The Boss, and Snake was injured during a confrontation with her, in which he was thrown from a rope bridge. Volgin immediately decided to test out his new weapon, by blowing up Sokolov's test facility, with the injured Snake witnessing the explosion up close as he waited for his emergency extraction.

Following his rescue, Snake was placed in an advanced intensive care unit where he was interrogated by agents of the U. Governmentregarding The Boss's defection. The government had at first been planning to use them as scapegoats for the failed mission by changing both of them with high treason for their connection to The Boss, but had dropped the idea due to more pressing matters arising. Volgin's detonation of the nuclear warhead had created a international incident, as Soviet intelligence had detected both the explosion and the American plane that had delivered Snake in the area, and now the Soviet government were demanding an explanation.

The Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchevwas personally willing to believe that a rogue element of his intelligence service had been behind the detonation, but had pointed out that without any substantial evidence to back this claim, he would be unable to convince his cabinet and the Soviet army, who were both pressing for a nuclear retaliation against the Americans, of the U. Snehan was saved from eviction while Vaiyapuri was nominated for eviction for Week 6 during Week 5 by Aarav and Gayathri, who both had the power to save and nominate one housemate each for eviction in their role of Junior Bigg Boss for a day. As the new housemate, Bindu Madhavi was granted immunity from nomination for Week 6.

There was no House Captain for Weeks 6, 10 and After ending up on the losing side in a daily task during Week 6, housemates in the winning team nominated Aarav for eviction for Week 7. After two days of washing dishes without any relent, Bigg Boss finally announces that Pooja Misrra no longer needs to do it alone and this responsibility can now be shared by all the housemates.

Datkng rejoices at this announcement while the rest of the housemates immediately start discussing how the responsibility will now need to be divided. The men finally take centre stage when Siddharth onlie spreading rumours about Amar and angers him. A clueless Sidharth continues to talk ill about Amar even though concerned housemates warn him omline an impending fight that is Bifg to ruin relations between the two. To end the matter, Siddharth and Amar pep themselves up for a fight, but they are clear that it will happen only after the weekly task is complete.

The housemates wake up and continue with their weekly task of being parents and kids. The overgrown children are having a gala time, as they get to play all day and their parents pamper them while giving the kids everything they ask for. The parents, though a little annoyed, seem to be enjoying the roles assigned to them. Shakti Kapoor and Siddharth Bhardwaj contemplate about 'captain nominations' for the coming week. The duo analyses and evaluates every contestant to figure out who will be the best person for the role of captain.

Siddharth is called into the confession room and asked to select two people out of which any one would be elected as captain for the following week. Though Siddharth doesn't reveal to the housemates why he had been called into the confession room, a nervous Mahek Chahel daring a hint to him about who should be nominated for 6 captain's position. Later, Siddharth is called back into the confession room to enumerate his final selection. Bigg Boss then reveals the names to the other contestants in the house and permits them to campaign and lobby for votes so that they are elected for the position. Meanwhile, Mandeep Bevli and Shakti discuss Siddharth's inclusion in Pooja Bedi's gang and how this will strengthen their group while exposing the others to elimination.

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Juhi bose to calm Mahek down, but Mahek guys her to not provide in her clocks. The coma's dominion in equity watched on an occasional downward rated as the money spread retired.

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