Primary and secondary prevention programs for dating violence

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Domestic Violence Prevention

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Prevention is exactly as it sounds — stopping something in this case, domestic violence before it has the opportunity to occur.

In Pennsylvania, there are several local domestic violence organizations implementing school climate change, aecondary and athlete programs, summer social justice camps, community readiness assessments, sevondary neighborhood food gardens. See What Colleges Can Do to Prevent Abuse Athletic Programs Athletic programs, similar to faith communities, are communities of intense team-building and bonding among team members and coaches. In applying a public health approach to domestic violence, we seek to identify the root causes of behaviors, the conditions in our communities that condone or promote domestic violence and the strategies that might change those conditions.

Imparting knowledge and raising awareness is not enough to create social change.

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Through various initiatives, we are working to cultivate individuals and communities that do progtams tolerate violence and that support healthy relationships and gender equality. Social Change The primary prevention of domestic violence aims to create social change. Essentially, work that happens primarily at the community and societal levels and that seeks to create sustainable and equitable safety, happiness, and health within a given community — is prevention. Prevention strategies at this level often aim to promote attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that ultimately prevent violence, such as through education or life skills training.

Prevention strategies at the Community level: While the concept of prevention seems relatively simple, the implementation of prevention is complex and challenging.

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A mentor program that pairs adults with at-risk youth; training on child-rearing The Community level of the social-ecological model considers the environments in which our social relationships exist, such as schools and workplaces, and their impact on our behaviors. Prevention strategies at this level may work to cultivate conflict resolution and problem solving skills while promoting healthy relationships, such as through mentoring or peer programs. Change the Conversation about Domestic Violence Parents Parents are perhaps the greatest influence over the next generation.

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