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Magic Johnson’s son EJ has a new boyfriend — EJ’s dating a guy from “Love And Hip-Hop!”

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Email Karen rarely speaks about her ghost of a friend, Debra. Johnson got around. State football game. She applauds how he has never shied away from spreading awareness about the disease.

Is johnson dating magic Who

For a man staring a death-sentence disease in the face, he seemed remarkably at peace. Debra and her son eventually moved back home with her parents. A five-time world champion, three-time league and Finals MVP and a man who played in the Finals nine of his 12 professional seasons, or for 75 percent of his career. That African-Americans as of represented about 12 percent of the U. She went through some treatments, though it only prolonged the inevitable. Johnson announced his retirement after learning he had tested positive for the AIDS virus. She recalls that day — and her anger at Johnson.

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She asks me if I voted. Dominique Dormant. To tell her I love her. Both had full-time jobs. Tears probably instantly formed.

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